Quahog Historical Society Rank 76

Hi history buffs!

Quahog Historical Society has finally arrived in our games and I thought I’d do regular posts covering the ranks that open every week.

***Warning Spoilers Ahead***

Clicking on any of the character/costume names below will take you to their profile.

Please note the medal costs to but characters and costumes will increase as Ranks unlock.

If you want more information on QuahOg HISTORICAL Society click here!!!

If you want see details of previous Ranks Released Click here

Rank 76

Characters/Costumes Required To Complete Collection: Scoutmaster Peter, Esther, QuagJoePeteLand, 90s Horace

Any Characters/Costumes in Facespace Sets:  Yes!!!

Cost to unlock characters/costumes in my game at time of posting:

Rank Box 1 Box 2 Box 3 Box 4
76 1971 1971 5292 9477

Reward For Completing Set: 25 

What do you think of the new Rank set?  Are you having fun collecting old characters and costumes?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments, as you know we love hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger

3 responses to “Quahog Historical Society Rank 76

  1. I like the content of collecting old characters. My problem is with having to send each individual character back to get medals. I only have about 300 unlocked but it is so time consuming. It would be nice if there was some sort of way to send the remaining characters back to Historic in mass.


    • RussianTigger

      I keep asking, hopefully pester power will get us something


    • Yeah, I’ve basically given up. I only have half of my characters collecting medals (150 or so), but I can only be bothered doing it like once a month if I can borrow the wife’s phone for half an hour. That’s because I play on PC via an Android emulator, and it’s so tedious sending characters on tasks with a mouse (move mouse, click character icon, move mouse back, click and swipe task, repeat). With a phone I can just use two thumbs. I have no idea why we still need to swipe a character task, instead of the vastly more efficient method of clicking a task button like they implemented in their Futurama game. Even still, the process is needlessly tedious and they should’ve just used Tan Lines to do it – letting us toggle between medals or the other currency that most of us no longer need.


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