Glitch Alert – Ever Feel Like Your Fighting A Losing Battle?

Just wanted to put up a post about another growing glitch around battling Bumblee Bees & Shadow Herbert.

Ok, what’s glitchung, well actually there’s 2 issues.

You’ll either start a battle but see no visual of the battle, and no pop up showing if you won or lost, any rewards you got, but you will actually get the rewards or worse you’ll start a battle and your game will crash and you’ll receive no rewards but you’ll lose the resources and your characters energy.

Both glitches are having an impact on players either collecting stuff or clearing Questline parts, I recall reports of similar issues in previous events so there’s definitely something off in the coding for some of you. Please use your ingame contact tool to reach out to support about this, hopefully they can finally get a fix on this for everyone that’s impacted. I’ve made them aware of it as well.


9 responses to “Glitch Alert – Ever Feel Like Your Fighting A Losing Battle?

  1. I’ve had the 1st problem of not seeing the fight with the bumble bees, but with Shadow Herbert I couldn’t see the battle & the game crashed. When it was done I had lost the resources & health, SH was gone, & the questline still showed me needing to defeat him. This was Mon night. I’ve contacted support multiple times & gotten no response. I want to be able to start Week 2 on time & not have to redo everything, but at least if I do I would like to know it works, & also, I’m running out of time to do so.


    • RussianTigger

      If you’ve got the resources I’d hit Shadow Herbert again, the glitches are fixed…. but support are probably inundated so may take him get back to you hence my advice to defeat him again


  2. I was also in the “can’t see the battle but still get results” category as well, but as of today, both the Bumblelee Bees and Shadow Hebert battles went just fine.


  3. that glitch is fixed now i believe. i just logged in for the first time today and seen it was fixed YAY lolol


  4. My defeat of shadow Herbert didn’t register. So I contacted support. And they manually corrected this within half an hour…so fair play to them for being on the ball. And all the bees are now at health 1/8 which I won’t complain about 🙂


  5. I’ve contacted support but haven’t heard back from them yet. As of now I can’t advance since game crashes every time I defeat Shadow Herbert. No credit given either.


  6. I had this when I tried to clear shadow Herbert on part 6. I know I beat him but then the game crashed. When it loaded I had to wait for him to return and now I have to start defeating him again. If it helps I can let people know their response


  7. luckily I’m with the “can’t see battle but still get resources” category. If I lost my items and HP I wouldn’t like it.


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