Alternate Quahogs – How Do I Unlock New Towns – Winterland

Hello Addicts!!!

Buying new Towns is quite easy but here’s the basics anyway.

To buy Winterland you need to go to Alternate Quahogs and buy it for 150,000 coins. You can see it by clicking on this Icon at bottom of your screen.

Then you’ll click on the Winterland town to buy it, but be aware tapping this initially does not actually buy it.

Instead it will trigger a pop up asking you if you want to see a Town Preview, click Okay to do so. But again be aware you’ve still not bought Winterland.

Now you’re seeing a preview of Winterland, basically it’s a small block of land with a chalet, a workers hut and some sidewalk, as it stands you can’t do anything else in the town yet, that’s because as I say this is just a preview, you now need to tap the Alternate Quahog Icon again to bring up the available towns and there you’ll see Winterland is still available to buy for 150,000 coins, tap it again and you’ll now be able to complete your purchase.

Once you do this you’ll get a pop up asking if you want to buy this.

Click Buy and you’ll get a pop up confirming you’ve bought the new town.

Now you’ll be able to unlock land blocks and place items from your inventory here, and purchases any new items from it’s store content, including Quakea.

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