Glitch Tip – IOS Crashing Only….

Just wanted to put up a post with some advice from a fellow IOS player who has been suffering crashes issues.

However before you try this please ensure you have saved your game to an account or Facebook and that you have a screenshot or written note of your PlayerId.

Okay here’s what worked for Michael in how own words:

“So I fixed my game. Not sure it’ll work for everyone but I went to General > iPhone Storage > Family Guy > Offload App then Reinstalled the game and restarted the phone. Haven’t had a crash since I posted yesterday”.

So if you’re playing on IOS and have saved your game and PlayerId might be worth giving this a go. 

If it works please let us know and gave Michael a thanks in the comments.

25 responses to “Glitch Tip – IOS Crashing Only….

  1. Strange that it crashes on my iPad as others have said which has plenty of memory but I can play the game which is also on my iPhone and ipod without it crashing.


  2. The thing that has worked the best for me is to put every building and decoration into storage and only pull out the ones needed to do quests. They have a really bad memory problem and the more buildings you have the more memory it needs to run.


  3. In response to Dan’s post: no relief on this end either. Sounds like you got further than I did as I reported the issue to support last Thursday and have yet to even get a response. Also, the problem has only gotten worse for me. Where I had been able to do a few quick things then jump to a friend’s town to force a save, now I am lucky to get anything done at all before the game crashes. If they don’t figure it out soon I guess I’ll either be forced to leave the game forever or spend money on a newer device with more RAM. Of course, based on what you are saying about your device, that could be a waste of money as the game still may crash.


  4. Just curious if anyone has had the situation resolved and what cured it? I had been having random crashing on my iPad(new with ample storage) and had been dealing with customer service, a guy named Jorge, who was really quite helpful and seemed legitimately interested in fixing the problem. After the last update it became unplayable. I was able to log in on my old iPhone se and play for a little bit then started again. This time with c.s. I didn’t get Jorge but the person that replied said uninstall/reinstall. That had a horrible outcome where now I can’t play on any device.


  5. NEW GLITCH!!! I collected all the materials for 4 areas in Winterland and sent hit “OK” . Since then, 24 hours ago I get the Error message: Not enough workers for 0 buildings and 3 blocks in save game. Hitting “OK” just starts the process of loading the game again. So essentially I’m locked out and cannot play.. Combine this with the Lois /Bumblebee issue and I think after 6 years I might done. I’m blaming alternate Quahogs. I don’t think the game is stable enough for all this activity. Let’s see hoe Jam City CSR handles this.


  6. Didn’t work for me. Tried this (offloading the app) and restarting both before and after reinstalling (even did the full “hard reboot” thing to make sure everything is truly restarted in a clean way) as well as uninstalling the game completely, restarting normally and reinstalling the game, which means I also had to log back in with Facebook once I launched the game again. It did appear to work just a short while ago, except for the random Lost Connection pop up that actually did disappear quite quickly. So I’ve spent a considerable amount of time (as I have almost all the characters available in the game, save for a few that I’ve missed – mainly due to various errors and glitches, that is) moving characters into either the museum or the resort hotel, depending on whether they are on their maxed out level or not. Unless they’re needed in the event, as an obvious exception. When I’m actually done I decide to visit the alternate Quahogs and last but not least Ollieland to make sure it’s all saved properly. Going back from Ollieland, the game just crashes and when i go back in again, guess what? NOTHING OF WHAT I DID WAS SAVED! AT ALL! That’s just lovely, isn’t it?


  7. am now all of a sudden getting Connection Lost when it’s not a connection issue (I can access sites on the Internet). It’s happens on Android.on Amazon fire table . I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and same result. After a few minutes in the game, Connection Lost screen pops up and I can’t progress. Since phrase 3 started and the other worlds opened up


  8. Load game play for about two minutes then pop-up connection lost then can not play game . Dose not save what you just did when you close game and get back in I am playing on a Amazon fire tablet


  9. Tried Michael’s suggestion. Didn’t work. Still haven’t heard back from Jam City either.


  10. I tried the offloading the app with no success. Game takes forever to load and immediately crashes when it opens. No way to contact support. I think this game has come to an end for me. It was a good run.


  11. No luck fixing my game. Crashing constantly on iOS, an iPad Pro. Has been crashing for a couple of weeks off and on, but starting on Thursday it crashes every few seconds. Have tried all the suggested remedies with no success. Reported it to support on Thursday and have not heard back from anyone. The most consistent way to make it crash is to interact with Tan Lines. The closest to a workaround I have found is to send a few characters off on tasks, then go to Ollie’s Quahog and back. Repeat until it crashes then reload. I think the jump from my Quahog to Ollie’s serves as a save so I don’t lose all of my progress. Right now though, I am unable to interact with Tan Lines so I can only use characters that are outside of it.


  12. it works for about 2 minutes then crashes
    but it’s a bit of an improvement
    they said they’re working on a fix
    but this means the problem is not with my phone


  13. Completely lost my game . I’ve been playing since day one and unfortunately don’t have this saved to an account . It looks like it’s restarted from day 1 . Unreal . I think it’s time to give up


    • Do you have note of your PlayerId? Even if not reach out to support they might be able to help you….


      • Was hoping my phone didn’t reset but it did and I think it’s a new PlayerID. Oh well I guess it was fun while it lasted . Was really liking the new Disney themed game


  14. I’ve played game for a long time but unable to play now as it won’t play on my nexus tablet will play then just keeps crashing unloaded restarted nothing works

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