Daily Archives: August 31, 2020

Update Alert – App Version IOS 3.3.4 & Android 3.3.3!!!

Hi fellow addicts

There’s  updates coming in the App Store and Google Playstore, App Versions IOS 3.3.4 and Android 3.3.3.  These are staggered releases so you might not see the update straight away, they should fix some of the recent issues with players unable to play and constant crashing, however if you still have issues after updating please contact support ASAP.

As well as this the update will prepare our games for some new things we asked for:

You’ll immediately benefit from a warning/confirmation box if you accidentally click on the premium land in Alternate Quahogs. 

Sign In With Apple (SiWA)

And soon you’ll see the following feature:

Send All for Go For Gold task

That’s up for this update.