Update Alert – App Version IOS 3.3.4 & Android 3.3.3!!!

Hi fellow addicts

There’s  updates coming in the App Store and Google Playstore, App Versions IOS 3.3.4 and Android 3.3.3.  These are staggered releases so you might not see the update straight away, they should fix some of the recent issues with players unable to play and constant crashing, however if you still have issues after updating please contact support ASAP.

As well as this the update will prepare our games for some new things we asked for:

You’ll immediately benefit from a warning/confirmation box if you accidentally click on the premium land in Alternate Quahogs. 

Sign In With Apple (SiWA)

And soon you’ll see the following feature:

Send All for Go For Gold task

That’s up for this update.

35 responses to “Update Alert – App Version IOS 3.3.4 & Android 3.3.3!!!

  1. As much as I appreciate that they listened and will give us ability to send all for gold, this whole idea of QHS is wrong. It should be nothing else, but same pattern as Tan Lines. I put characters in and collect from the building accumulated gold medals. No sending, no endless tapping. Just as now – 8 hour cycles. So much easier and less frustrating.


  2. The app store shows version 3.3.4 for me – updating now. I’m glad this helps as the sluggishness lately has been pushing me to the brink of giving up; had already pretty much abandoned collecting gold coins as it was taking forever to do a worthwhile amount of them!

    Over the years playing this game I’ve upgraded from Hudl 2 to Amazon Fire HD 10 and then iPhone 7 but that’s it now – as I won’t be moving to another device again anytime soon!


  3. Very glad to see that game play has improved. it’s not back to stellar fluidity of play, but the lags are FAR less than recently, so I’m content.
    SUPER looking forward, though, to Send All to Gold. Thumbs up to Jam City for listening to players requests!


  4. THANK YOU, Russian Tigger. I was about to stop playing the game out of frustration of constant crashing and came here to see your post about update. It’s playing SOOOO much better. Hooray!


  5. Is this just android?


  6. I noticed this morning significantly less lag and no (that’s right NO crashing). Come on here and see news of the update. Went to check and lo and behold I’m on 3.3.3. Hallelujah it is playable again.

    Cannot wait for the Send All!!!



  7. OMG! Gameplay is so much faster!!!


  8. Game is working faster than it ever has and I’m using an older Samsung Galaxy S7.


  9. Game runs SOOOOO much better now! There is still some minimal lag, but compared to the previous version it is way better.
    BUT – I started having some weird issues with costumes – tasks to get stuff started showing up for different characters and some buildings. First was Police Joe, later one of Quagmire’s outfits. Plus Quagmire is ‘cloned’ – I can send him for some stuff, he goes into a building but his icon still shows up in top left corner. If I tap him it takes me to the building, where he already is. So no double tasking for him, but if I go to Tan Lines I can put him there, as if he was free. His icon disappears then, at least till I run game again.
    There is also a problem while sending characters for daily tasks, as they very often want to go to one of alternate Quahogs to do these tasks. Very annoying and redundant. Support is informed about it.


  10. So far so good on the crashes being fixed. But I don’t see the “send all for gold” feature anywhere in my game. Where is it?


  11. Sweet baby jeebus its back to normal! Thank you to the developers for fixing this, I was about ready to give up on the game. Also is it just me or does the android version feel even faster than before? Taking characters out of the QHS isn’t making my phone lag nearly as much.


  12. Ideas when?


  13. After this update, I am finally able to play the game without lagging or constant crashes. It’s been about a year since I’ve been able to play normally.


  14. finally a normal game again its a miracle


  15. I can’t find the option to send all my characters to Go For Gold. Where can I find it?


  16. I’m crying. My wish is coming true.
    Send all for go for gold is going to save me so much time lol


  17. This update made a HUGE difference for me on an older iPad Air 2. Game plays so much faster and more smooth. Now if I get a send all for go for the gold task I will enjoy the game much more than I have been recently.


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