It’s A Wonderful Day For Pie Phase 4 Coming Soon!!!!

Hey there!

Just popping in for a moment to remind you that phase 3 should be starting sometime after 11am PDT on 5th August, just incase your waiting for it to drop today.

***Update, looks like it’s delayed but I’m not sure how long for, sorry can’t give more info at this time***

5 responses to “It’s A Wonderful Day For Pie Phase 4 Coming Soon!!!!

  1. They need to do a better job of informing us, especially if they have already made the decision to delay it until tomorrow. I usually try to have my characters free at around the time of next phase so I won’t have a key character locked into a 8 hour useless task, so them not not dropping the next phase plays havoc with this strategy. Not a problem if they have to delay the release, as long as they let us know.


  2. Would have thought it would have started tomorrow Thursday as that is the day the event started and there is 7 days 23 hours left on the clock


    • I would have as well but they’ve indicated today so I’m warning you just incase. I’ve asked for further clarification


  3. Today is the 5th


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