Glitch Tip – IOS/Loading/Crashing and other issues….

Just wanted to put up a post to say support have told me they are still looking into this but as of now there’s no indication of when we might see a fix. Sorry it’s not better news.

13 responses to “Glitch Tip – IOS/Loading/Crashing and other issues….

  1. Thanks for the update, so odd it has taken so long to address, usually issues are fixed within a few hours or days. I hope to be able to play again someday!


  2. i would be okay with no new content 4 a bit if they are gonna fix stuff i have no crashing issues just bad lag


  3. FYI – I got a similar message from in-game support about fixing loading/lagging/crashing on the Android side of the house.


  4. Thanks for letting us know that they’re working on it. It’s a shame. The game went from excellent to unplayable in rapid fashion. Hope they track down the issue soon.


  5. well then I am done with it. I have a life, I can’t be spending an hour of my time play this game. the lag have been going on for ever.


  6. I can’t help but wonder if Jam City has shut down some server capacity. The lag is terrible and the game acts like it doesn’t want to completely load–even with “low memory graphics” enabled it takes an age for everything to show up. It doesn’t seem to depend on my connection. Too many players with not enough server capacity is my guess.

    Has anyone tried to “nuke” their Quahog and have only the bare minimum of buildings out? Maybe with less to load there may be less lag and less load time?


  7. Glad it’s not just me, a real bother.


  8. I got the same response for the third time yesterday 😦


  9. My game is crashing like crazy. Won’t let me open the game.


  10. I don’t know if it will help at all to say, but I have an iPhone X, 256 GB, iOS 13.5.1, FGQS 3.2.0, and I have few crashing issues. I cannot say none, but I can usually get through my check-in routine* with no more than 1 crash. (*Log in, clear coin collection with Consuela, collect drops, visit Ollieland (hopefully saving progress), clear “squatters” like Mutant Stewie, perform battles where applicable, then cycle about 80-90 characters through the Historical Society, finally visiting Ollieland again, just in case. If I get more than 1 crash during all of that, that is unusual. I don’t know if I am just very lucky, or somehow have avoided installing/doing what causes issues for everyone else. 🙂


  11. William J Hollkamp

    That Sucks!@!


  12. Thanks for checking with support on this! It’s nice to have a bit of an update, even if it’s not what I would really like to hear. Maybe it’s the universe telling us to take a game break! 🙂


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