Alternate Quahogs Quick Poll

Hey there Addicts, just wondered what you think of Alternate Quahogs so far. Tell us by answering the poll below.

17 responses to “Alternate Quahogs Quick Poll

  1. I have the alternate Quahogs and the one that cost $600 plus in clams will not let you purchase it. I was testing it to see if it worked and it did not. I did not have enough clams but you would normally get a pop up (as you know) that asks you want to buy more clams. Anyone else running into this problem? Thanks


  2. On a related issue, do we have a list of buildings you must have for regular gameplay? A “minimal quahog” of sorts.


  3. About the same as the rest. I have pretty much everything in storage to allow the game to run smoother. I used to have a decent Town setup, but had to nuke it to get the game to load. Everything has been in storage since. Just finding something in the inventory is a bit of a nightmare. So I unlocked all the freemium spaces and haven’t been back since. Nice idea but not practical to use.


  4. Hi, I’m not quite sure what I’m to do with the three alternates I opened up…I opened all spaces except the dang ones that require clams. And so now I sit. I have almost all stuff in inventory because it was just too much to bother with. Am I missing something ? Thx


  5. To expand on my “neither like nor dislike” vote, I don’t hate it, it was a fun diversion for a while expanding on the free land. I’ll not use clams on any of it. I just don’t see the point when any glitch I encounter, the first thing I am told to do is remove stuff from the play area as it may be using too much memory, or whatever it could be causing, and then they drop in more places to put stuff that has to be held in memory. I personally dropped everything in my game accept for the Griffins house, Al Harrington’s, the Clam and the Stop n Shop. A small bit of road to make a place for characters to walk. During events I add needed buildings but they go away when not needed. I’m also playing on pretty decent hardware so know this shouldn’t be having problems due to resources. But at this point, I’m just grinding out of addiction. The game kinda stopped being fun when they stopped spell-checking and grammar-checking, just doing the same events over and over with different artwork, that many times isn’t even different.


  6. 1) Each area is too small, or we need a lot more than two (the premium areas don’t count). I realise they’re “coming soon” but as it stands it’s not enough for the sheer amount of stuff in storage.
    2) It’s scummy them making some parts of the freemium areas still cost a ridiculous amount of clams.
    3) Friends can’t visit your new areas, so they’re kinda pointless.
    4) Inventory needs a keyword search as scrolling through tonnes of items is tedious.


  7. Absolute garbage. A total disaster. They’ve completely ruined the game.


  8. Have they stopped the rollout of alternate Quahogs? I’ve never gotten it. At one time, I had the building in the store, but never saw the questline, and now I think the building is gone too. I’m on iOS.


  9. useless feature


  10. So……….. I understand what they were trying to do. Up until a year ago I was one of those people that complained about not having more land. I would keep every single building that I got during events. After reading a few posts from other players, I decided why not put everything into inventory? I only keep the building nessesary for normal game play and my game loads much faster. I already have 40+ million in coins…. No need to collect more. So unless I want to channel my creative side and just build up some of the towns for fun….. I don’t see myself using it right now. I did however clear all the land.

    Maybe I’ll build a little shrine to Adam West. I saw a few that posted some areas a while back that they build in honor of him and thought that was pretty cool……… But then again I have tons of free land in original Quahog now!…… So……. Lol


  11. I don’t see the point of them unless you just want to setup a theme kind of display. I only keep bare minimum buildings in my game due to crashing and issues. Unless you absolutely have to setup your Quahog with multiple themed areas, I think the alternate Quahogs are useless.


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