Alternate Quahogs – E-Stewieland

Hey there Addicts, just wanted to let you know there’s a new land been added to Alternate Quahogs, E-Stewieland. You’ll find it to unlock for 100,000 coins in the Alternate Quahogs menu.

This takes the total of lands available to all players to 5 now.


11 responses to “Alternate Quahogs – E-Stewieland

  1. How do I unlock stewieland? It wont let me purchase it or any other one. I’ve got grassyland


    • Russian Tigger

      If you’ve unlocked Grassland you should be able to unlock others, I was able to but I know it now shows in the district section you need to unlock Nightland to get to E-Stewieland, but I think that’s wrong. contact support


  2. I have noticed a disappointing quirk in E.Stewieland. I had hoped to have all the various Stewie characters doing animated tasks around E.Stewieland, but when I sent them on their tasks, most of them just teleported back to Quahog and did their tasks there. 🙁 Strangely, Bitch Stewie IS able to use Lois for target practice in E.Stewieland, and I wonder if that is because I bought him there. 🤔


  3. I figured I’d let everyone know to check their inventory after purchasing E. Stewieland while visiting as I discovered Beauty Pageant Stewie waiting to be unlocked! … could be a lucky glitch for me or intended gift, doesn’t hurt to check 😉. Might even be other hidden surprises in other land area stores/inventory!

    I also noticed they added exclusive store items to each land area and E. Stewieland uses Stewie Bucks for land and exclusive buildings/decorations.


  4. Is this based on the evil Stewie and Retep characters?


  5. Be very careful with character task here as I wound up creating 4 quagmires and 2 Lois accidentally. Now I can’t get rid of them.


  6. It also gives four different stewie persona and each of them have their own questline they are avaliable to buy with stewie bucks retap questline if you have him many different buildings such as retap house evil swanson house and many different decorations etc it definitely worths its cost and i really like it


  7. I just got Alternate Quahogs in my IOS game, but a I have really no idea what they are for or to do with them. I bought the first one, and other than clearing land, I don’t see what there is to do. I do see that any character that’s just walking around in normal Quahog is also walking around in the alternate, so I guess you could send them on tasks, but almost all of the buildings to do task in are in the real Quahog, so not sure what advantage that would be. No new questlines that I can see.

    Only think I see is that Ollieland is now wonky and may cause the game to crash. What are the alternate Quahogs for?


    • Currently placing stuff from our inventory, creating alternate towns. What their future is, I’m guessing possible possible event use etc but they’d need fix the many glitches


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