Update Alert – IOS App Version 3.3.5

Hi fellow addicts

There’s an update in the Apple App Store, App Version 3.3.5.

The update itself is mostly behind the scene fixes.

10 responses to “Update Alert – IOS App Version 3.3.5

  1. Since the last update, some of my buildings are dropping black disks with red flames on them. Any idea what these are for?


  2. Anyone else getting more alternate Quahogs?

    I originally had Grassland, Winterland and Desertland. I have now have Nightland and E. Stewieland for a total of 5 alternates.

    I can purchase different Stewies for Stewiebucks! There is some buildings and other items for Stewiebucks as well.

    Gold Suit Stewie for 5 gold Stewiebucks.
    Shark Stewie for 50 red Stewiebucks and 2 gold Stewiebucks.
    Beauty Pagent Stewie for 3 gold Stewiebucks.
    Bitch Stewie for 40 green Stewiebucks and 30 blue Stewiebucks.

    I hesitate to buy anything in case the alternate Quahog goes away.


  3. Latest version on Android is 3.3.3 and I was forced to update to that today. It did make playing a lot smoother, almost like new, as everything before was jerky, took a long time for the buildings to show, and was slooow when tasking characters.

    And there’s a new Alternate Quahog for Stewie fans called “E. Stewieland” that you can purchase for 100k coins, which includes Stewie’s Bedroom, a Stewie Float and a Fat Stewie Float. So far, the immediate surroundings are only 1 coin and 8 hours to unlock.


  4. App still randomly crashes about 10 seconds after the game launches.


  5. The update info says it includes a send all for gold but I couldn’t see the option.


  6. Don’t know about anyone else, but the update has completely fixed my connection issues, Game is running faster and smoother than it ever has for me.


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