Update Alert – Android App Version 3.4.1

Hi fellow addicts

There’s an update in the Playstore, App Version 3.4.1.

The update seems stable and should let those locked out play again.

14 responses to “Update Alert – Android App Version 3.4.1

  1. I still have multiples of 7 characters including 3 Stewies. Any idea when that will be fixed. I also keep getting quest items for quests ive done. Peter has 8 different tasks with collectibles on his to do list that have all been done before … so confusing


  2. Not sure if this is related to the update, but a ton of characters from old events appeared in Harrington’s.


  3. The friends feature is still broken for me, I only see Ollieland and clicking Invite doesn’t do anything.


  4. So my first question has been deleted?


  5. Another question whilst I am here. I have had a questline for Death Goddess Consuela for over a year now possibly longer, but I don’t have the costume. Do we know when this character will be available? Thanks, from a 6 year +++ addict playing every day


  6. Is the QHS send all facility available now? as I cant find it!


  7. Well the new update did fix the lockout but now I am back to my usual constant disconnections. So frustrated and tired of seeing Consuela!


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