Update Alert – App Version IOS 3.4.3 & Android 3.4.3!!!

Hi fellow addicts

There’s  updates in the App Store and Google Playstore, App Versions IOS 3.4.3 and Android 3.4.3.  These are staggered releases so you might not see the update straight away, they should fix some of the recent issues with players unable to play due to duplicated characters and constant crashing, however if you still have issues after updating please contact support ASAP and tell me in the comments.

As well as this the update fixes other bits and pieces.

Fixed Duplicate Characters Glitch
Fixed Alternate Quahog Related Crash
Fixed Ad Related Crash
Updated Ad Providers SDKs


14 responses to “Update Alert – App Version IOS 3.4.3 & Android 3.4.3!!!

  1. I don’t find that the 3.4.3 update has fixed anything. It still crashes more often than not when coin collecting large amounts. The other most common crash is when cycling everyone through the Historical Society. This one is either it works fine, or it crashes without saving any progress. No consistency.


  2. Hi RT, Thank you for all the work you do and the time you spend keeping this site updated and letting us know what’s coming next. The information you provide here has been immensely helpful in strategizing my game play for these events.

    I also thank the other players who have provided tips and suggestions as well as possible fixes for glitches that happen randomly in this game.

    I do have a question that you may be able to provide some input on. This 3.4.3 update fixed some Ad issues some players were experiencing so I thought it may have resolved the CLAM TV Ad issue my game has had since support fixed the CLAM loop I had back in November 2019. When the loop was fixed the icon for Peter was greyed out so I can no longer watch Ads. Subsequent follow ups every few months to Jam City receive the same response that the developers are aware of the problem. Since its almost a year now I was wondering if you’ve heard of anyone else having a similar issue after having the loop fixed or if this is normal to take this long to fix CLAM TV?

    I’m basically a freemium player without the fast forward feature. Wonder if not being a paying player has affected the disabling of watching Ads. Again, thank you for helping in so many ways to play this game.


    • Thanks for the kind words.

      Hopefully any other players with issue can confirm that here, and I’ll certainly bring it up to support


  3. My game (Android) keeps crashing on startup (on the blue screen where it says “jamcity tinyco fox games”. I have un/reinstalled it a few times now, but when I first open it, I get the request for permissions, but after saying yes, it crashes. If I open it again, I don’t get the message, but it still crashes. I can actually play it on my kindle fire, but it crashes after about a minute or so. I have asked support about it, but so far, no response.


    • Kindle Fire players have had issues playing in the past. Is there anyone else playing on this just now can help Sean


    • The last time I had that issue (crashing during the load), the app just no longer worked on my phone (it was too old), so I had to upgrade my phone.


      • It started working again once phase 2 of the Halloween event started. I just randomly opened it just to see if it’d work, fully expecting it to crash, and it actually loaded all the way, and now it works every time.


  4. This update resulted in the loss of almost all outfits of the dupe characters. Lost 6 years of Lois and Quagmire outfits, with no way to recover them. Almost as big a disaster as the chicken-deco debacle. I’m not going to bother trying to get this fixed. I have other games to play now.


  5. Mine is actually crashing at start-up now WITH 3.4.3 when it wasn’t before.


  6. Everything in my game was working perfect but I just updated on iOS and now my game won’t even load. It says config issue and crashes. Tried 5 times. Ugh 😦 can you please relay this to them right away


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