Event News – Cost To Battle Vampires Reduced!!!

Hi fellow addicts

There’s  another event  change that will help players.

  • You now only require 2 Silver Bats to battle Vampires

9 responses to “Event News – Cost To Battle Vampires Reduced!!!

  1. I have noticed that if you have zero of an item the drops are slower, but once you have more than 2-3 drops become more generous, so always keep some silver bats even if you have health to use them, maybe it is just a lucky charm…


  2. I got a reply from tiny co and they said they’d taken my feed back on board and passed it on to the relevant people. They even thanked me for my time by giving me a few extra silver bats. I also noticed the drop rate increased and as from today the items I no longer need have stopped dropping. I will say this they do seem to be listening to any issues so I’ve been rating their responses highly with words of thanks. I’ve now managed to get Boy Virgin Neil this morning and currently waiting for phase 3. Good luck everybody! 😊


  3. Definitely a beneficial alteration. This kinda changes finishing Boy Virgin Neil on time from Nope to Maybe. Now, if Silver Bats were Common instead of Uncommon drops, I could probably finish by tomorrow (or if “Stiff Man” alternate Chris did more damage or critted with more regularity, or if another freemium character I have could also fight vampires, that’d also work.)

    So, 13 clams per candy coated popcorn. Gotta think how many it’s worth to me to unlock a costume for a character I don’t care much about?


  4. Good news. The bats and vampires is the hardest. I got all part for boy virgin Neal exept the candy coated popcorn. Need 4 of them


  5. Great – except it now takes me 3 hits instead of 2 (I consistently did 8 damage on first attack), so it costs 3×2 bats instead of 2×3 bats… wow -_-


  6. I think it’s great that the number of silver bats needed to fight the vampire has been slightly reduced what I have found annoying though is since this has happened the drop rate has become ridiculously low! It took 4 characters doing 8 8hr tasks between them just to get 2 silver bats. The items the vampire drops are the only things I need to get virgin Neil and I’ve still 3 of them to get which is gonna take a ridiculous amount of time seeing as it takes stiff man Chris 2-3 tries at defeating the vamp with a 7hr gap for him to heal which in fact becomes 8hrs as he is sent on task to collect a silver bat and that’s only if you’re lucky enough for enough silver bats to drop! Earlier I had 4 characters on 8hr tasks and got just 1 silver bat! Another item needed for Neil was supposedly rare and yet I got all of them and more extremely easily in-fact I’m still getting them despite not needing them any longer at the moment I’ve got 43 of the rare items after only needing 25! Makes no sense! I have messaged Tiny Co and they did listen to an issue I’d had earlier in the event so I’ll wait and see what they say!

    Just also wanted to say thank you for the info and keeping us up to date! I’m not always on here and very rarely comment but I pop on from time to time and appreciate any information that helps.


  7. Not once has Chris done double damage. After 5 days I’ve defeated 4. 3 attacks on each one, 36 bats used. At this rate I need another 30 bats. Averaging 2 every 8 hour it’s going to take me upto another 5 days.


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