Event News – Silver Bats!!!

Hi fellow addicts

There’s  another event  change that will help players. The following characters will drop Silver Bats in Phase 3.

  • Peter
  • Stewie
  • Chris
  • Brian


6 responses to “Event News – Silver Bats!!!

  1. The bats help … sort of. There are still too many baddies you have to defeat and too few characters who can battle them. Add to that the baddies are more powerful than the characters and seem to have higher probabilites of delivering a critical hit (which drains the character entirely in a way it doesn’t drain the baddies) and that there are such long waits to heal the few fighters that exist …. it’s a tough, tough, tough event.


  2. Great- doesn’t help me right now with two vampires left to go and the drops are VERY POOR!! I’m stuck.


  3. Chris too. Now 8 characters can drop bats, plus you can buy a decoration that drops bats.


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