Thanksgiving 2020 Phase 1 Main Questline: Ahead Of The Carve

Hello Addicts!!!

Let’s go on our travels through phase 1 of the latest event.Yes it’s time for us to gather round and take a look at all you will encounter in the  Main Questline. 

Looks like there’s a Clam reward for completing this week’s Questline, if it follows recent events it will probably be 5  

Ahead Of The Carve Pt. 1

Learn About The Event
Have Chris Shop Cyber Monday Deals
Get 10 Acorns

Completed Task 5  100  

Ahead Of The Carve Pt. 2

Learn About The Food Shops
Learn About The Turkey
Investigate The Shakey Balcony Saloon
Have Bonnie Cook Turkey

Completed Task 5  100  

Ahead Of The Carve Pt. 3

Learn About Turkey
Have Mort Prepare For Black Friday
Clear 3 Turkeys
Place The City Slicker Saloon 

Completed Task 5  100  

Ahead Of The Carve Pt. 4

Learn About The Thanksgiving Bull
Enter The City Slicker Saloon
Have Meg Reenact Harvest
Place The Saloon Concert Corner 

Completed Task 5  100  

Ahead Of The Carve Pt. 5

Earn Clown Rodeo Peter
Enter The Saloon Concert Corner
Have Connie Give Thanks
Have Clown Rodeo Peter Take Down The Thanksgiving Bull

Completed Task 5  100  

Ahead Of The Carve Pt. 6

Clear 7 Turkey
Collect 400 Acorns: Note I had 122 Acorns when I triggered this part and it included those, so it immediately showed I had 122/400 but remember you must reach 400 to complete this part
Place The Cowboy Hat Shop

Completed Task 5  100  

Ahead Of The Carve Pt. 7

Place The Gold Mine 
Have Skinny Cowboy Chris Eat A Salad 
Wait For Phase 2 To Begin 

There you have it, the Main Questline that will take you along this phase of the latest event.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

25 responses to “Thanksgiving 2020 Phase 1 Main Questline: Ahead Of The Carve

  1. This event is a little weird, to put it very nicely. Is the City Slicker Saloon supposed to be one of those investigation rooms? It doesn’t collect rent or XPs, and neither does it drop anything, even though the game says it drops acornsq. Plus it looks so huge when it only occupies an average amount of space, obscuring my view of the Town Hall, Shakey Balcony Saloon and Thanksgiving Bull. It’s also very shocking for me to learn that the Shakey Balcony Saloon is actually an investigation room because nothing happens when I tap on it, too. The fact that some players are now having Bonnie stuck inside there is unsettling as well, to say the least.
    I’m currently in Part 4, collecting acorns to place the Saloon Concert Corner, and I have a bad feeling that it’s going to be like the City Slicker Saloon, in that it collects no rent, offers no XPs and drops no rewards. Just my 2 cents’ worth.


    • Yeah the first 2 buildings you buy are now useless, as they should been investigation rooms, on,y way to keep the event going was to remove that element


  2. hello!No bull,how to fix it?


  3. Part 2 has changed due to the Bonnie glitch. It changed to Investigate Turkey and a Bonnie task. The Saloon is currently not accepting Bonnie.


  4. My Part 3 has Have Mort Prepare for Black Friday as a task.

    Also, the Shakey Balcony Saloon seems to be locked. I assume they did that to sort out whatever other glitch was causing other players to have Bonnie stuck in there.


  5. I sent Bonnie to investigate the Saloon as per part 2, only to come back and see that part 2 is now different and she had backtracked and was now cooking turkey. Weird!


  6. I’m having the same glitch as howling_mad_mitch. I tried a force stop as well as going to an Alternate Quahog without any success. I’ve contacted support – hoping it won’t take to many days.


  7. Hi
    I need help please.
    Bonnie just stuck after she is finish the mission in balcony saloon. Nothing happed and i can’t get her finish and earn turkey (to thia moment she’s the only one that can do it).


  8. howling_mad_mitch

    Help! Am stuck on Pt 3 – having sent Bonnie to the Shakey Balcony Saloon at the end of Pt 2 (noticing that it takes an hour and a half), it’s 3 hours later and she’s still stuck in there, with no way of getting her out! When you click on the saloon, Bonnie has the green clock symbol on the top left, and if you tap on her it says “this character is busy” and you can’t get her out.


  9. I was able to repair the bull, red coat soldier, and red coats general already. They are just to the right of the saloon.


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