Event News – Changes Due To Glitches

Hi fellow addicts

As of you know there was a major glitch with the event, this has seen some changes to the event format and the main Questline. I’ll update these as soon as I can run from them in my back up game. But the main changes you’ll see are:

  • Main Questline has changed, I’m updating this just now.
  • Invedtigations are gone at this moment.
  • Clearing Turkeys has changed to needing to be targeted to clear not just tapped.

6 responses to “Event News – Changes Due To Glitches

  1. Is the Shakey Balconey Saloon supposed to drop acorns? Mine doesn’t do anything. There is no refresh timer. Nothing happens when I tough on it. Apologies if this is answered elsewhere. Thanks.


  2. Also, something I’ve noticed (that I’ve also messaged them about), is that the drops for golden nuggets are supposed to be an ‘always’ drop, at least in my game, but I’ve cleared Bonnie and the others a couple of times, and at times, have received no nuggets.


  3. Very strange this is an issue since investigation rooms have been common for many events now. You’d think it would be a template where you just change the background, characters used, and rewards.


    • It is, but there were some issues for a couple of players in previous events with investigations not completing, so it’s either an issue that’s got worse or the fix got that has caused this


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