Event Info – No Thanksgiving Bull Spawning

Hi fellow addicts

First things first, you need to be on Part 4 of the main Questline to see the Thanksgiving Bull. But if you’re there and are having slow spawns or no spawns I have a suspicion of what’s causing this. I’m testing this in my game and it looks like the Thanksgiving Bull only spawns when Turkeys do, so if you’ve got 8 Turkeys already wandering no more Turkeys will spawn and as a result of this no Thanksgiving Bull will spawn either. If you’ve got this issue and have 8 Turkeys wandering, try taking out a Turkey and see if that helps. But note the Thanksgiving Bull might not instantly spawn, it will be at the next scheduled spawn time, which for Turkeys is about every 4 hours. 

2 responses to “Event Info – No Thanksgiving Bull Spawning

  1. I don’t know what’s happening, but I can’t send anybody to get metals and materials for the new areas. I keep having some kind of lost connection but it doesn’t matter if I’m on data or Wi-Fi or on a friends Wi-Fi it only lets me get so far and then loses connection. I have all these people running around my town and I can’t get rid of them


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