Update Alert – IOS App Version 3.5.2

Hi fellow addicts

There’s an update, I’m only seeing it in the IOS App Store at this time, you’re looking for version 3.5.2.  Hopefully it should fix some of the recent glitches and issues.

The main update info is:

New Feature: Season Pass – Coming Soon
General Stability Fixes

26 responses to “Update Alert – IOS App Version 3.5.2

  1. What is the Hogwarts Mystery Pass, for those of us who don’t remember that far back?


  2. This update has certainly not helped me. It was working wonderful before the update and now the previous lags when Collecting with Consuela’s vacuum have returned causing my game to crash most of the time after a couple of minutes waiting for her to clear the coins. Also it takes 10 minutes to clear out the Historical Society now. Am I the only one??


  3. On further inspection, the game freezes when you click the vacuum button an amount of time depending on how many coins you collect. For me, when I start the game after a long time it freezes for 45 seconds, the Consuela shows up with an out 10,000 coins. If you have a minimum about of coins, the game freezes only 5-10 seconds, similar to Olieland.


  4. Consuela’s vacuum doesn’t work any more. Causes the game to freeze up and eventually close.


  5. Vacuum button now freezes the game. Come on, man!


  6. “Season Pass”? I really don’t like the sound of that…


  7. I’m not sure if others have the same issue, but ever since I updated to the new IOS version, Consuela’s Coin Collector freezes the game for up to 20 seconds while it’s calculating the coins. It eventually finishes and then the game works as normal once I’ve collected the coins. I have reported in-game.


  8. The game freezes up when I use the vacuum to clear the dollars.


  9. made my game significantly worse/slower


  10. looks like their ‘General Stability Fixes’ have actually made things worse….Coin collector now causes game to hang. Send all for gold crashes game. How do they get it so wrong every time they release an update?


  11. Any idea yet what they are talking about when referring to a Season Pass?


  12. What do we think season pass is? All premium characters unlocked immediately?


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