New Year 2021 Content Phase 1 Overview!!!

Just wanted to pop up a quick post to confirm to those who are still asking that there is virtually no new content in the New Year 2021 event.

The only items that haven’t been in the game before are the Statues, there’s no new characters or costumes.

Personally I’m not complaining as I’ll to enjoy taking a bit of break for the  duration of the event!!! But here’s details of the returning characters, costumes and NPC that will be of most interest to newer players.

Phase 1

Characters/Costumes you can buy with Clams

Giant Easter Bunny (Character): 270 

Fairy Tale Joe (Character): 270 

Planet Meg (Character): 270 

Characters/Costumes you can unlock with materials

 90s Cleveland (Character): Collect required materials to unlock

Capulet Stewie  (Character): Collect required materials to unlock

NPC – Non-playable characters

Fairy Tale Skunk (NPC -Moving Decoration): 100 

Mall Santa (NPC -Moving Decoration): 100 

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