Daily Archives: December 14, 2020

Wreck The Halls Phase 1 – Where Are You Now

Hey there Addicts, it’s time to find out where how you’re getting on in the latest event to hit our games!Yes with the phase halfway over I thought it was time for the Where Are You Now post.

So  you best get busy telling us how you’re getting on with collecting materials and completing the Questline.

Quick Questing & Character Tasks: Buttcracker Peter

Greetings Addicts!

Rise and shine cause its Questline time!!!

Yes let’s gather round and take a look at this new character’s questline and tasks.
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Random Pop Ups….

Just a heads up that there’s some random pop ups in the game, but thankfully they don’t seem to be causing any issues in my games.

So if you see a pop up that the Star Trek event is over, Asian Town is open or anything else, just okay it and play on. As I say doesn’t seem to be interrupting play, or anything for me but if it’s causing you issues let me know in the comments and contact support.

Consuela’s Vacuum is back….

Just to let you know Consuela’s Vacuum is back and is working fine in my games.

As well as the return of this much missed feature there’s a  little gift of 15 Clams from Jam City to apologise for the issues.

Peter will trigger this with a one part quest.

Simply click on Go and you’ll see the apology box.

Tap collect and you’ll get your Clams.