Consuela’s Vacuum is back….

Just to let you know Consuela’s Vacuum is back and is working fine in my games.

As well as the return of this much missed feature there’s a  little gift of 15 Clams from Jam City to apologise for the issues.

Peter will trigger this with a one part quest.

Simply click on Go and you’ll see the apology box.

Tap collect and you’ll get your Clams.


11 responses to “Consuela’s Vacuum is back….

  1. I didn’t get clams, they “gave” me Kool-Aid Man, but I already had him. Lame.


    • I got he Kool-Aid Man pop up and various others, but still got the Clams. There wasn’t a visual drop but my Clams did go up by 15. Message them if you’re sure you didn’t get them.


      • I’m not going to chase them down. I don’t really know if I got the clams or not. I don’t know what my clam count was before. I’m just happy my game is working correctly. I’m surprised this game is still going. The way this game has been bought and sold, the slow loading times, and constant crashes makes me think this isn’t a money-maker for them. Not worth their investment.
        It does peeve me they gifted me a character I already have. What’s the point of that?


        • Someone there obviously likes the game or it does still make enough money to keep it going, if it didn’t they’d have let it go with no new content like FWOT.


  2. I’d like the Vacuum better if it didn’t keep crashing on large counts. Not sure if they truly fixed anything.


  3. That’s great. Now if only they’d return the Fast Forward feature which gave us the option to watch an ad to advance a task ☹️
    Doesn’t seem like that’s going to be making a comeback.


  4. Mine isn’t working. Exactly the same as before they shut it down.


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