New Year 2021 Content Phase 2 Overview!!!

Just wanted to pop up a quick post to confirm to those who are still asking that there is virtually no new content in the New Year 2021 event.

The only items that haven’t been in the game before are the Statues, there’s no new characters or costumes.

Personally I’m not complaining as I’ll to enjoy taking a bit of break for the  duration of the event!!! But here’s details of the returning characters, costumes and NPC that will be of most interest to newer players.

Phase 2

Characters/Costumes you can buy with Clams

Giant Frog (Character): 270 

Fairy Bruce (Character): 270 

Yeti (Character): 270 

Characters/Costumes you can unlock with materials

 Pepperoni Peter (Character): Collect required materials to unlock

Kid Meg  (Character): Collect required materials to unlock

NPC – Non-playable characters

Stewie’s Festuve Firetruvk (NPC -Moving Decoration): 100 

Mutant Elf (NPC -Moving Decoration): 100 


22 responses to “New Year 2021 Content Phase 2 Overview!!!

  1. There is a Joe skin that is part of a collection but I am in phase 2 and I don’t see it anywhere, do I have to do some quest for this skin to be available?


    • Not all stuff has come back, it’s only what I covered in the overview. You might get a chance get the Joe costume another time


  2. No medal for unlocking Kid Meg? Or just me?


  3. What are the buildings that are available? I just tried to place one, but it disappeared. Took the currency for it, glasses, but no building. I can’t remember what the building is called, and can’t find a list of the decks and buildings for this event. I need to get ahold of support, but need the name of the building……. Not everyone already has threse items, so it would be really helpful if that info could be included along with the characters…


  4. Hi Russian Tigger. What do we need to do for new year dissolution part 5? Thank you


  5. *sigh* I keep losing all of my rockets. I’ve been reset back to 6 twice in a row… both times I had around 36-38.


  6. FYI, what your credits between task 2 and 3. I earned the 50 fireworks, didn’t spend any, but somehow ended up with 36 at the beginning of task 3. I’ve contacted support.


  7. There is some glitch in the game. I was just Awarded 250 medals right after I logged in into the game and about 40 fireworks disappeared from my inventory. I took a screen shot of the screen that popped up, too bad that I can not post it here.


  8. Thanks, RT!!! I wasn’t sure but kept plugging away because, well, “addict”… And this week I do get something to work for, must have missed Kid Meg. So, addiction onward!!!


  9. I think I have most of these characters already (luckily). I’ve been unable to play my game since Saturday. The game was giving me an error upon loading and now just doesn’t even load at all. I’ve been back and forth with support, but no luck so far.
    I’ve been lucky so far as this is the first major problem I’ve had with the game since I started playing. A few minor glitches here and there, but nothing like missing almost 5 entire days!


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