Glitch Alert – Crashing & Loading Issues….

Just wanted to put up a post about a growing issue that seems to be impacting  players.

It would appear the game is once again playing up, either crashing or not loading on various devices, IOS mainly. Support are looking into the issue.

Please reach out to support about this giving your device details, either via the website or email. You can also post these in thr comments here.


There’s 3 ways to do this:

The first and best way is through your game main menu, select Help & Support and then tap ‘Contact Us’.

Go to their website and use the ‘Contact’ button:

However if neither of these are possible, then you can contact support via email. The email address to use is –



4 responses to “Glitch Alert – Crashing & Loading Issues….

  1. New S21. I get the Jam City screen and then back to my home screen every time. Same on Futurama although it’s unlikely that one will get fixed. Thanks.


  2. I had some problems in the last event. Not on this moment anymore


  3. the game loads a lot quicker than it used to on my Android phone but once I start playing it always freezes for about 5 minutes then starts playing again…it no longer crashes but the freezing is a pain…I can’t use the contact us on the game as it always says failed to send


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