Version 3.8.1 – Consuela’s Vacuum/Using Character Icon Freezing Issues!!!

Just a quick post to say game support have traced the recent crashing/freezing issues to Consuela’s Vacuum and to assigning a task via the character selevtion icon, so if you’re having issues avoid using these.

I’m not having the issue so unsure if assigning tasks by tapping the character directly will get you round the latter. Let me know in the comments.

A fix is coming but it might not be until next week.


10 responses to “Version 3.8.1 – Consuela’s Vacuum/Using Character Icon Freezing Issues!!!

  1. New iOS update to 3.8.2 seems to have fixed the issue for me.

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  2. Version 3.8.2 for iOS is out which says to fix this.

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  3. I have to play the game in stages. So tap characters to finish task and re-send. Close game and restart. Use coin vacuum. Close game and restart. etc. It seems like when there is too much on the screen (coins, characters from finishing medal tasks) the game can’t cope.

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  4. I was having this issue, but avoiding using Consuela’s vacuum has fixed it. The behavior is strange; if you use the vacuum, it works completely fine, but if I THEN try to tap on any other objects, the game completely freezes up. As long as I don’t use the vacuum, the game is playing fine.

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  5. I’ve found a guaranteed way to get the game to freeze is to use Consuela’s vacuum, followed by tapping a building to complete a characters action.

    Simply completing a character action can still freeze the game, but it’s probably around a 10% chance. Just completing all the character actions (tapping building) for the current event froze my game 3 times.

    The only work around I’ve found minimize the game frequently to save. That way when it freezes you won’t lose progress as often.


  6. I’m not seeing the freeze issue when using Consuela’s vacuum. I see it happen the first time that I click on the check mark to complete a character task. It freezes the game for about 5 seconds. Doesn’t matter whether it’s in a building or an outside animated task.


  7. they fix it but never stays fixed its been nothing but an issue since they added it why not do every body a favour and get rid of it take the prize wheel as well


  8. I don’t wanna complain too much since TinyCo support is awesome whenever there’s an issue, but it seems to me that there’s usually an issue with Consuela’s Vacuum when a new update hits. Not always, mind you but it feels like it’s been a lot lately. It makes me wonder if TinyCo’s QA staff is slacking. Don’t they test these things before the release the update? There. Rant over. 😜


  9. Freezing happens on everything and often, it is random. I even froze hitting send to customer support.


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