Why did I get 500 free Clams?

Getting lot comments from players asking why they’ve been given 500 free Clams from TinyCo, I’m honestly not sure of the answer as yet, I’m trying find out if it’s something everyone should have got, a limited freebie or just those who had a period where they were locked out of their games due to glitches etc.

*Update – Clams were a limited gift for a few lucky long term players.


5 responses to “Why did I get 500 free Clams?

  1. Say what? Wish I got 500 clams! 😮


  2. dont know why the reason but it def was a nice boost of clams


  3. Did not get them


  4. On the down side, I didn’t get this “reward”. 😦 On the up side, that means I can still use Fast Forward! 🙂 (Since I am under 1300 clams, at around 1150, getting 500 would take me back up to 1650, where Fast Forward does not seem to work.) On the other hand, if I had received these clams, I would likely have considered buying one or two characters, to help complete the event, while still having access to FF.


    • That’s exactly what I did. I had a little over 900 clams when I got the 500 clam bonus (for reasons still unknown!). I bought the Catholic Priest to help with the last event and got Satyr Brian for this event. I can still fast forward and I’m back to my 900+ clam balance. Sweet! Thanks TinyCo.


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