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Quardi Gras VIP Season Pass Glitch

For those that have Quardi Gras Season Pass in their games and have purchased the VIP Pass, there’s a glitch when trying to collect the first Tier prize of 150 Clams, support are working on a fix but if you’ve tried to collect it and not been awarded your claims please contact support and they’ll sort it for you.

If you want more info on Quardi Gras Season Pass you’ll find it HERE.


Quardi Gras Season Pass – A quick look

Before I start I want to repeat what I’ve said previously, Season Pass is still in testing, and part of that testing is releasing versions of it to random players to see and play with it in their games.

What those who have the feature currently see may be different to what I see due to testing.

I’m not putting this up as a teaser or as a feature overview, and it’s not a quick look at the feature as I did that in another post you can see that by clicking the link below. I’m really putting this up to answer couple of questions I’m seeing in the comments, and to stop those who don’t have the feature knowing why they don’t see it.

You’ll find my previous Season Pass early look post HERE. It covers the basic mechanisms of the feature.

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