Season Pass – A quick look

Before I start I want to repeat what I’ve said previously, Season Pass is still in testing, and part of that testing is releasing a version of the feature to random players to see and play with it in their games.

What those who have the feature currently see may be different to what I see due to testing, and of course what I describe below may change once it’s fully released. And of course if it’s event linked rewards will constantly change.

I’m not putting this up as a teaser or as a feature overview, I’m really putting this up to  answer the questions I’m seeing in the comments, and to stop those who don’t have the feature feeling left out and give them an idea of what to expect.

You can leave feedback or suggestion on Season Pass in the feedback post HERE.

What is Season Pass?

This is the feature that has been teased for months and is getting tested before being rolled out to all players soon.

It’s really an additional rewards track that will appear in our games, probably running in conjunction with events.

It will let you collect Season Pass XP to unlock items in a reward track.

How will I know if I’m one of the test games for Season Pass?

You’ll see the above pop up in your game.

How do I enter the Season Pass area?

You’ll see the Season Pass button at the bottom of your screen along with a timer, this timer should match the event timer.

Tap the button and you can see the Season Pass screen.

What is the Season Pass reward track?

Well there’s actually 2, a FREE – freemium reward track and a VIP – Premium reward track.

From what I see the FREE track has 5 rewards, and the VIP has 10 rewards.

What can I collect in Season Pass?

You can collect different items for each Tier of the reward track you unlock. If you’re only playing the Free track you’ll get the rewards on the top row, if you unlock VIP you’ll also get the rewards on the bottom track.

You need to scroll to the left to see further rewards and XP costs on the track.

At the moment there is a variety of rewards from coins (groan) to clams, from decorations to characters, what you can get depends whether you are FREE or VIP.

But I hear your collective sigh at seeing coins as a reward and have raised this in feedback to Jam City.

How do I move along the prize track?

Basically it says you collect XP in the reward track but if you read the box above it’s actually collecting the events main currency that increases your Season Pass XP and moves you along the track.

So for this test of Season Pass the currency that increases your Season Pass XP is Crystals.

So remember it’s not task or rent XP that counts, it’s Crystals at this time. If you complete a character task that awards 8 Crystals, you’ll get 8 Season Pass XP, if you get 10 Crystals for fighting The Robot Snowman, you’ll get 10 Season Pass XP, and if you complete a Questline part that awards 5 Crystals, you’ll get 5 Season Pass XP and so on.

How do I see how much Season Pass XP I have?

Quite simply you you’ll see it on the main screen, the number amount and also in your progress bar along the reward track.

How much XP do I need to collect to unlock each reward track Tier?

You’ll see the Tier costs above the progress bar.

Below this bar you’ll also see an option to Skip Tier, this costs Clams, and for freemium players it’s not worth it, to be honest I’d say the same for VIP at this time.

How do I see more about the rewards?

Just tap on the reward box in the prize track and it will bring up more information on the prize.

Notice there are 5 blank rewards in the FREE track, that’s because you get nothing for these.

How do I know when I have enough Season Pass XP to unlock a reward?

You’ll see your Season Pass XP increasing in the progress bar, and the padlock will disappear from rewards you can claim.

How do I collect my reward?

Just tap on any reward that doesn’t have a padlock and you’ll be awarded that. Remember you’ll only be able to collect VIP rewards if you pay for the privilege.

Once you’ve collected a reward you’ll see it marked as such with a tick.

How do I get a VIP Season Pass?

Currently there’s 3 options, unlock a VIP Season Pass with Clams, with your hard earned cash or there’s the option for VIP and more, what exactly that entails I’m waiting to have confirmed.

But remember the costs above are for the test, so these may change.

What is the benefit of a VIP Season Pass

Well there’s 10 rewards you can achieve, and going by the test VIP rewards, one is the Silver Crystal Shrine and the other is an “exclusive” character. So those and your ability to reach them in the reward prize track are what you’re judging the cost to unlock VIP against. Remember you do t automatically get them you still need earn enough XP to claim them.

What is the exclusive VIP reward?

In this test of Season Pass the “exclusive” reward is Robot Super Elf.

And yes I hear you asking how is he exclusive when he’s been in the game before as a leaderboard prize. I don’t know is the answer, I’m asking support that question myself.

When will Season Pass be fully rolled out?

If testing goes well, it should be fully released in the coming weeks.

Do I have to use the new feature?

The simple answer is no, you can ignore it if you want.

Hope this helps answer some of your questions!!! Enjoy the new feature when you get it.


15 responses to “Season Pass – A quick look

  1. ive have tried to buy this 5 times still havent received it. Complete scam


  2. Has anyone been able to select the clams over the new skin/character option when it comes up?


  3. I think this is the best value proposition the game has ever given us. $4.99 for VIP and you get multiple characters and clams plus bits of materials for the event. It’s a no brainer for me. I was totally freemium before this but I’ve bought every pass since it started. VIP+ is a rip off though.
    The only bit I don’t understand is Skip Tier, why would you?


    • Squirrel Girl

      VIP+ makes no sense. I’ve raised this with them on a few occasions. The Skip Tier would only be helpful if you were just few XP away from the end and could use some clams to get the VIP character.


  4. Just got the feature this week has anybody figured out what the SP+ pack does yet?


    • Hi, I’m working on a post but still trying to get confirmation what this is as well, I’ve got a guess but not going have a guess on the site with that type price tag, I’ve been trying get info since February so please believe me that I’m trying


    • Russian Tigger

      From what I’ve been told VIP & MORE basically unlocks the ability to collect VIP tier prizes by collecting XP, (Beads) and the 100 Clams


  5. Another thing is mine has no wording at the bottom or even anything showing the “skip tier” info?


  6. One of my big questions is if you to pay the $4.99 or $14.99 each 2 week season pass event to be in the vip category. I’m guessing yes, *sigh. Just seems to be another money maker “new option”


    • I think we need wait for the full feature, as we don’t know if the passes will be event long rather than 2 weekly. But VIP is obviously a way to try ensure the game still brings in some money, or else no point in them continuing the game. However it looks like the Pass can be bought with Clams you’ve already built up, so that would let the odd freemium player be VIP if the rewards were something they really wanted.


      • I am all for spending money to have them continue the game (my addiction is sadly real) they just already get $50+ a month from me so far as is lol. Oh well I’m still glad to have something new.


  7. I like it. I figure as an “every 4 hour” player, even if it’s just for the new character, it might be worth 200 clams. I haven’t got it it yet, but look forward to it when it becomes available. Just hoping that they don’t keep recycling old events as that will likely demotivate players from using it. Come on Star Wars!


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