Season Pass Test Version: Feedback Page

Hey there

I wanted to put up a place for suggestions and feedback on the testing of Season Pass.

For details on Season Pass go HERE.

But as I said this is a page where you if you have the test feature you can feel free to leave your comments. I will be passing all this information on to support to help correct areas of concern and overall improve the new feature before it fully launches.

Remember to try be helpful and be detailed with your suggestions and feedback.  Don’t just say fix something, explain any issues and make suggestions for improvement. And don’t forget you can just give general feedback about what you like or don’t like.

There you go, a place to voice your thoughts on Season Pass. But most importantly just try to have fun!


19 responses to “Season Pass Test Version: Feedback Page

  1. I agree with Brian. I get caught up sending people to get medals that I sometimes send the ones that have a task or items for event. This would help to send people with nothing to do to the historical buildings and others to continue working on the game.


  2. Not sure if it’s because of this new feature but I game isn’t loading. Gets to 100% on the loading bar and then the clam at the ends just spins endlessly.


  3. i don’t get it how it works. What kind of XP counts to the bar? Sometimes I collect from the buildings and still the same XP number in Season Pass


  4. I’ve messaged support and I’ll post it here … I suggest TinyCo STOPS with all these new things and focus on FIXING the 🤬 game FIRST, then release the fast forward feature to ALL players BEFORE releasing yet ANOTHER glitchy feature that AGAIN only a few have, COMPLETE RUBBISH 😠 and PURE GREED 🤑!

    On another note: I don’t recall seeing a post, but did y’all know there’s finally a Christmas Land 🎄 available to unlock for clams 🙃


    • Yeah I put up a post last week announcing Xmasland.

      From the information I’ve been given they are working on stability issues whilst Wild Winter reruns. They are also trying look at individual games to see where the issues are.

      Fast Forward has always been a thorny feature, and by the looks of it will only ever be available to some players, however everyone will get Season Pass once they see how it works in the test games. I’m told it’s not far off a full roll out. I know the feature when first released was popular on their other game but I’m not sure that will be duplicated here if Coins etc continue to be rewards.


      • On my game I lose the fast forward if I go over 1250 clams. When I drop below there fast forward comes back, not sure if that is how it is for anyone else.


      • I think medals should replace coins completely here (even tho yes there were some in the prize list), especially if they add on to the QHS character list.


  5. I’d be more willing to pony up for a season pass if it actually lasted the full season, I.e. a year. From what I can tell, it’s not worth shelling out this much every event. Just make it $20 a year and you’ll get more than $0 from all the free players


    • I’m guessing here but it looks like $4.99 is for the one off and the $14.99 maybe 3 month pass, yearly would be very nice


  6. When you use the button to “send all” to the Quahog Historical Society, do not automatically send the characters that either have outstanding tasks or have the ability to earn current event items.


  7. It would be useful to know the name of the character you’re unlocking, and maybe if they are able to get items in the event that’s going on? I’d be more inclined to get the VIP pass if I knew what the character did.

    Overall, it seems to be working well. Now bring it to Futurama too, please Jam City.


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