Update Alert – Android App Version 3.7.3

Hi fellow addicts

Version 3.7.3 is rolling out for Android players.  Hopefully it should fix some of the recent glitches and issues.

The main update info is:

Fixed a crashing issues that’s affecting some of our users
Stability improvements on our upcoming Season Pass feature
General bug fixes and stability improvements



One response to “Update Alert – Android App Version 3.7.3

  1. This was ‘supposed’ to fix the crashing issues. My game hasn’t worked since January 2nd. I’ve been in a continuing conversation with support regarding this issue. I don’t know if it is peculiar to my game or not, but the update didn’t help. My game crashes immediately after entering the logo screen.

    Besides this fact, the support team has been very helpful. I really appreciate their help. I am surprised that they are giving me the attention for my possibly unique situation. Even though I haven’t been able to play, at least I know they are trying to help and passing the info on to the developers.


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