Quardi Gras VIP Season Pass Glitch

For those that have Quardi Gras Season Pass in their games and have purchased the VIP Pass, there’s a glitch when trying to collect the first Tier prize of 150 Clams, support are working on a fix but if you’ve tried to collect it and not been awarded your claims please contact support and they’ll sort it for you.

If you want more info on Quardi Gras Season Pass you’ll find it HERE.

9 responses to “Quardi Gras VIP Season Pass Glitch

  1. Gladys Esquijarosa

    I don’t know if anyone else has had this issue, but some of the decorations (I would say most of them), that I was awarded in the price track didn’t get put in my Quahog so I thought they were in my inventory, but I went to check and they are nowhere to be found. I have messaged Support about this, as well as the 150 clam award from the beginning. Hopefully I hear back from them soon.


    • Russian Tigger

      There has been some issues, should be fixed now but you’ve done right thing contacting support. They’ll check things and sort it out for you.


  2. I heard back from TinyCo late yesterday. They credited my account with the 200 clams so all is good. Two thumbs up for the Season Pass. I don’t mind paying 400 clams for what you get in return. I think this one’s a winner. 🙂


  3. I wasn’t able to collect the 150 or the 200 clam rewards. The checkmark appears over the reward but the clams were never added to what I had. I messaged TinyCo but haven’t heard back yet.


  4. The 200 clams at the 510xp tier is also glitched. The game put the ✔ mark on it for me automatically and didn’t award me the clams. The 25 clams for the non vip level at that tier worked fine. I’ve already reached out and am waiting to hear back.


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