Connection Error/Crashing Is Back…

There’s some more game issues with freezing, crashing and connection errors. Its been reported to support again.

10 responses to “Connection Error/Crashing Is Back…

  1. How many who are crashing when collecting medals have updated to the latest release? I’m still on 3.8.2 and don’t have an issue. I’m afraid to update for fear a new bug will be introduced. 3.8.2 is pretty stable.


  2. having to force close and restart EVERY time I use the collect all option from the Historical Society continues to suck.


    • Russian Tigger

      I’ve reported this but please also report from your game it’s still ongoing


      • While my game PAUSES for quite some time when doing this, it does NOT require me to force close or restart; just wait a couple of minutes. I now just make sure this is the last thing I do in the game, and put my phone aside until it finishes, before closing the game normally when it resumes. Older phones may require a longer wait, but may eventually complete the process, if you wait long enough.


  3. Bonnie is also having problems with Casino Worker and no progress. Reported and came back to my game and she had moved to Griffin house doing a task?!


  4. Soon as this current event started the game now crashes like clockwork whenever I press button to collect medals from the historic society and sometimes when traveling to ollieland, It was running crash free before this event (android version).


  5. Happens every Wednesday when there is a new event or phase starting. We are all trying to hit the servers at the same time.


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