Quadri Gras Phase 3 is here….. and it’s the final week….

It’s time to see what’s going on down in Quahog with the latest event to hit our games.

I’m seeing the full event on the latest app versions, Android 3.10.1 and IOS 3.10.1.

I’ll get the Addicts Area post up and the overview post up as soon as I can.

But let me repeat and it’s the final week…. so get unlocking Carnival King Peter ASAP. 

7 responses to “Quadri Gras Phase 3 is here….. and it’s the final week….

  1. How in the world am I supposed to clear showgirls when the drop rate for paper is pathetically abysmal? I’ve gotten one in 27+ hours.


  2. Scott Matthews

    So there’s no way to get the crown for Carnival King Peter unless you purchase Carnival Queen Lois or the Crown Statue?


  3. How do you unlock King Peter without buying Carnival Queen Lois? To get Crowns I have to enter the Decorated Chest. To enter the decorated chest I have to have King Peter. So are we unable to unlock him without clams? Another frustrating event.


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