Update Version 4.0.2 Glitch

Just a quick post to say game support have pulled the new 4.0.2 update due to issues with Consuela’s Vacuum again.

17 responses to “Update Version 4.0.2 Glitch

  1. Not sure about android devices, although I am on iOS running version 4.0.2 of the game (not sure when this update appeared although believe it was before the latest event) and started to experience consuelas vacuum issue a few days ago. This leads me to believe the issues may not be with the client side app but with the actual back end servers. It is odd that issues reported as fixed appear time and time again.


  2. Don’t upgrade. can’t even log in on ios. keeps crashing.


  3. Unfortunately, I had already installed the 4.0.2 iOS update yesterday, and it’s glitched on iOS too. If there is a small amount of coins, it seems to work, but for a lot, it freezes and you don’t see the vacuum animation. I had updated because I was hoping that the unloading QHS glitch was fixed, but that’s still there. So they didn’t fix the existing glitch and brought back a previous one.

    I really don’t understand what they are trying to do.


  4. Glitching on iOS also


  5. My game has crashed all day since I downloaded the update on my iPad.


  6. There’s also been some real lag with her also in the latest iOS update. She works, but it can freeze things for 15-30 seconds.


  7. I stopped playing this game because of the bugs. I miss a bit the stories, but was very frustrated about having to restart 2 or 3 times the game each time! and I have a iPad Pro, so it’s not a problem with resources. Maybe in the future I’ll check it again. I wanted to share it so devs are aware of reasons why people is leaving the game.


  8. should get rid of it


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