Daily Archives: April 15, 2021

Tell TinyCo What You Think – Love It Or Hate It Here’s Where To State It

Hey Addicts it’s time to gather your thoughts….. I won’t give you a penny for them but I would appreciate hearing them. I want to chat about the new  game feature that has hit our games, Season Pass, and the recent change to character Questlines.  

So in the comments I’d like your thoughts on Season Pass, both the freemium and VIP Pass. What do you think of the prizes, the collecting of XP and of course for VIP the cost?

Also there’s been a change to side Questlines, that’s the ones we trigger for new characters and costumes, they now have more tasks and take longer to complete due to levelling up any new characters to complete quest tasks. Do you like this change, or not?

As always I look forward to your thoughts and sharing them with TinyCo.