Tell TinyCo What You Think – Love It Or Hate It Here’s Where To State It

Hey Addicts it’s time to gather your thoughts….. I won’t give you a penny for them but I would appreciate hearing them. I want to chat about the new  game feature that has hit our games, Season Pass, and the recent change to character Questlines.  

So in the comments I’d like your thoughts on Season Pass, both the freemium and VIP Pass. What do you think of the prizes, the collecting of XP and of course for VIP the cost?

Also there’s been a change to side Questlines, that’s the ones we trigger for new characters and costumes, they now have more tasks and take longer to complete due to levelling up any new characters to complete quest tasks. Do you like this change, or not?

As always I look forward to your thoughts and sharing them with TinyCo.


24 responses to “Tell TinyCo What You Think – Love It Or Hate It Here’s Where To State It

  1. I really hate that at the start of every week, it takes 8-10 crashes and restarts to finally get everyone doing their tasks and get the rest of the characters back to QHS. This happens EVERY time and is very frustrating. Also, when the game crashes we have to go back to see that the tasks we started before the crash are actually working, but generally have to redo 2 – 3 character tasks because they do not do device level caching.

    Also, with this event, collecting when characters complete tasks is getting longer and longer with each day. This was a problem that was fixed in the past but back in now. With them reusing the events and basically only changing skins and text and not including any new features, the bugs should not keep coming back.


  2. About the Season Pass: I think the idea is nice. It’s not compulsory, so you can just ignore it if you don’t care about it. The free pass is a bit lame: I get that there has to be a difference between the premium and the free one, but including coins and XP, which are useless, is not attractive at all. I think the rewards should include something more relevant like gold coins, though in smaller amounts than in the premium pass, of course.
    The premium pass doesn’t look bad. You can get quite a few clams back, it helps with the event, and you get an outfit + a character for about 250-300 clams, when you would normally spend 270 for each. I don’t care about the decorations much, but they’re ok.
    What I don’t like is the fact that it seems to have different costs for different players. I’m reading here that it costs 500 clams for some and 600 for others, and that just doesn’t seem fair.

    About the longer quests: I think they’re fine. If they are a bit longer, at least we’re using the character for something. If it ‘interferes’ with the event, you can do it after the event finishes and continue using the character for a bit longer. It’s the same if you need to reach a certain level to do a required task; use the character for a bit longer. I really don’t mind that.


  3. As for season pass – it’s good it was added. I wouldn’t change ways to buy/activate it. Do it either with clams or cash. Although they are way out of proportion, as someone earlier stated. Perhaps this feature doesn’t bring anything extremely innovative to the game, as it’s just one more way to spend money, I’m glad game is developed in any way.


  4. Stop using event characters in daily task!!! I’ve got 300 other ones, but no, out of 3 things to do, 2 of them must be completed by characters gathering items fo current event. This is simply unfair and stupid. Exclude every character involved in the event from other activities. Simple.

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  5. I bought the VIP season pass for 600 clams to try out the feature. My plan going forward will be to purchase the VIP if I’m interested in the final prize. Loved Gummy Brian and I am hopeful that he will contribute some way in the final week. The prizes along the way were helpful but not a game changer as I usually finish events on time. So, thumbs up on the Season Pass.

    Not a big fan of the new level up requirements of questlines but it is what it is.


  6. I’ve said it before but I would be much more interested in a season past that lasted more than one event. This doesn’t encourage me to spend more money just to get a few decorations or another worthless character. The requirements to unlock event characters are getting steeper and sillier with one character needed to get many of a particular quest item. The game is fast becoming a cash grab and without the devs making an effort to welcome a higher quantity of smaller purchases from players who typically don’t spend, I’m not sure how much longer it will last.


  7. Some of us like to collect characters and costumes. But when they put them in Mystery Boxes or make them Tier 3, it could cost you maybe $100 to get them if you’re not lucky. If they left the around 100-200 clams, I’d buy them every time. Candy Giant Chicken is a perfect example of this. Not risking 1000s of clams to get him.


  8. Season Pass: understand it’s still in testing. Pricing seems a bit off–in my game, it cost $10 to purchase, or 600 clams. 600 clams cost $20 from the clam store, so those maths seem a bit off to me–but I doubt they’re going to make it 300 clams. Basically it made more economic sense to just pay money directly. Perhaps it would just be simpler to remove the option to pay with clams, and further maybe even consider two pricing options, one amount to unlock only the current event, and maybe one to unlock a full year.
    I’d like to see a bit more focus on event materials and maybe just a few more clams, but those are minor wishes. Could also use it as a way to be able to collect older costumes and characters otherwise unavailable via QHS. The final reward should ALWAYS be a full character, never a costume.

    New character questline scheme: I find it mildly annoying, largely because of the leveling-up requirements. But I can remember a time when character questlines were five parts, and it was almost a guarantee that two of those parts would be a 16-hour and a 24-hour task, so this isn’t as bad as it could be.

    Mystery Boxes: these should be dispensed with, completely. I’m a bit sick of taking ten tries to finally be able to pull the character I want, in the meantime collecting multiple event materials that I really don’t need. Maybe there could be a way to make the event character that normally shows up in the Mystery Box, be one of the available characters in the VIP prize track in Season Pass, albeit maybe it would stay locked until Week 2 starts–the programming could be a bit of a pain, though.

    Glitches and crashes: I’m glad they seem to have finally figured out the issues with Consuela’s Vacuum. Now it would be nice if they could figure out the unnecessarily long loading time involved with visiting Ollieland, and the freezing issue encountered when collecting medals from QHS.

    Events: it’s well beyond time that they come up with a different event format. It seems like every event now is just a reskinned previous event. Remembering past events that involved visiting different “lands”, perhaps future events could take some advantage of the various “lands” we have in-game? Also, with events, there’s no need for the forced order in unlocking buildings. This event, for example, we were forced into placing a building that drops sugar every 12 hours before we could place the buildings which were actually useful. Which they also need to stop forcing us to place buildings that drop materials which are easily available otherwise. The sugar building this week should have been dropping swords for Pirate Lois.

    All that being said, I’m still halfway surprised this game is still going, which is to their credit.

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  9. If you want the extra 100 clams in the VIP your better off getting the 10$ VIP and the 10$ clam deal for 275 clams rather than 20$ for the VIP and 100 clams.


  10. I would like the option to cancel a task for a character, meaning you forgo the reward. Has it ever happened to anyone where you accidentally put them on a long task, or you just want to pull them out of QHS for a quest but are unable to since they are essentially stuck for 8 hours? Something simple like an “X” added to the duration area of the question you could click on and perhaps a Yes/No box bound to the selection would be nice.


  11. I like that there’s more quest lines for new characters and costumes but I’m not a huge fan of taking longer to level up. I got Lemon Head Stewie Monday night but it took 3 days to complete his quest line. That’s with me playing regularly.

    Pirate Lois has some higher drop rates. Only Bonnie and one building drops cotton candy? I’m still teying to earn that building but the drop rate to get THAT building are tough.At this rate I won’t earn this costume until phase 3. And we already have Pirate Peter and Lois from a few years ago.


  12. TinyCo needs to work on fixing bugs, but more importantly not introducing them in the first place. They just fixed Consuella’s vacuum again (we’ll see how long that stays working), but the other freezes they introduced are still being “investigated” despite having fixed them in the past.

    The VIP pass for last time was worth it as you could spend clams and make them all back. This time they raised the clam cost so that you’ll be out about 200 clams even if you progress to the end. I guess they did that so the VIP wasn’t “free”, but it was a disappointment.

    I guess I haven’t noticed the leveling requirements, but that doesn’t sound like a “good thing”.


  13. I hate the change to the character questlines. We should be rewarded for purchasing new characters or otherwise obtaining them by being able to do the quests that contribute to the events tasks and not have to go through every other quest that serves no purpose. Why are we having to do extra tasks and then having to level them up to level 5 before we can use them for the events?


  14. This is the second time.. first one was great – a no brainier as paying in clams for the pass was more than repaid in terms of clams AND other things.

    This time.. not so much. I think they must have ‘realised’ that the clam reward was more than it cost… so this time the clams added up to less than the 500 it cost – but having said that, there was still enough in terms of additional items, characters etc that made it worth while.

    I am surprised that the season pass isn’t more event based… by that I mean that there are some event currency rewards or items but not many – very few in fact.

    Is it a good feature? Yes I’d say so. Is it worth paying for …. well yes and no – if the clam rewards continues to fall then you need to be sure that the other things on offer are worth it. in my case.. I found that quite a large number of items were already owned and when they were earned of course nothing happened. Id say this happened half a dozen times…its worth bearing that in mind.

    Final thoughts… if you can afford the clams… just quickly scout through all the rewards (handy to be able to see them all) and work out how much stuff it will give you that you don’t already have and the balance of clams that it costs (spent – claimed = the clam cost of the pass) – in my case the first one gave me about 100 clams more than it cost, and the second one about 100 clams less than it cost.


  15. I’m not a fan of having to wait to level up to continue their questline. I like to finish the quests as soon as possible to put them back on event oriented tasks. Lately, I’ve had to save the quests till later until I didn’t need their event drop anymore.


  16. I like Season Pass though I still don’t know what the third tiers rewards all are so I have not tried that one.

    I am no longer fremium (I am able to and am trying to support keeping this game alive) and am not bothered by the additional steps for side Questlines. And I think I would be OK with them even if I was still a fremium player. But playing QfS is still my primary casual game of choice and is the first thing I play in the morning.


  17. Michael J. Fouquette

    I like the Season Pass feature though I am still unsure of what the prizes are exactly for that highest tier so I haven’t tried that one. I like that I can pretty much win back the clams I spend for the middle tier.

    I noticed the side Questline change – mostly that a step takes 2 quests for the new character to complete, right? It’s fine. I am no longer fremium (I actively want to help keep the game alive still) so I get things done quicker, The additional tasks keep me engaged a bit more. If I were still fremium, I think I would still not be bothered by the additional tasks.

    In general, I would like to add that any time we get to use an older character or costume to help with tasks, I appreciate/enjoy. And I recognize that this is a complication for newer players. Perhaps giving newer players easier ways to get the older characters and costumes could overcome that complication??? That might not be solvable, though.


  18. Season Pass: I am really liking the Season Pass feature. As a freemium exclusive player, I find the “free” route nice, but not a real game changer. The VIP route has totally been worth the clam cost, but I do fear that cost is going to rise – as it did during the current event. It’s hard for freemium players to earn clams as it is, so finding that right balance of clam cost versus “benefit” is tricky. As a freemium player, I have spent clams on the VIP Pass both chances I had, and completed both passes in just over a weeks time.

    Questlines: I am the type of player that likes to level all my characters to max, no matter how long it takes. I don’t mind some extra tasks to complete their questlines, as long as 2 things DO NOT happen. #1) I don’t want to have the main characters involved in a new characters questlines. The main characters often have event tasks to do, so I don’t want to juggle the event tasks with character tasks, if possible. #2) I also don’t want to have level up a new character to accomplish an event task. This hasn’t happened often, but it is annoying when it happens. There have been many times when a new character is barely earned before the end of an event and you cannot use that character *for* the event.

    A couple of other items that have been discussed before.
    1. Use of “other” characters during events. We often use the same “main” characters for every event. Sometimes a secondary character is used, but often we have 100’s of characters doing nothing (except maybe earning medals).
    2. Outside of events, there haven’t been any new districts or new items to unlock/purchase. The historical society has been nice to get old characters. The new “lands” have been nice to place already earned/purchased inventory items. But no “items” outside of events since forever.
    3. Provide some way of selecting characters that are used during the current event. When a new event happens, I often clear out my characters from the historical society. I then have 300+ characters roaming around. Often I find having to select each character to see if they are earning an item or event currency for the current event.
    4. Severe game lag and/or crashing. We talk about this every week it seems like. I don’t think we have went a week without issues for years now. I would rather hold off on an event for a week or two and fix all the slowness/crashing/problems. I know I have skipped an event occasionally because of game issues.


  19. I like the VIP season pass. I bought it for $5 and it provides lots of goodies! If it was more expensive I likely wouldn’t buy it. $5 is the price of a coffee.

    I appreciate longer quests that have more dialogue. Seems for a while they were cutting them shorter.


  20. Season Pass: like the Wheel of Misfortune, or whatever it is called, this will likely be something I occasionally remember to look at. I’ll never spend clams or actual cash to do the VIP, so it is ephemeral for me, just another thing that isn’t for me. It would help if they could make the onscreen button smaller, I am constantly inadvertently hitting it while trying to tap something else, then need to close, move screen, tap again on what I need.
    Character Level-up Quests: Well, it’s actually kind of nice having a choice, with a few of multiple choice, rather than one after the other. I will often use overnight sleep time to bash thru a 6-10 hour task, but it’s nice having the option to do a 2-4 hour if daytime when I can check it. My only ask? Once a character gets to the point they can do everything they need to, Mark them as Max, it will make QHS so much more responsive if it doesn’t need to keep adding the stuff up and popping out to the “older, saggier” screen to show a useless level-up screen that takes the player so far out of everything.
    Speaking of the Wheel game, update it. $100??? Is this helping ANYONE? Even new players? I can honestly not recall it EVER stopping on the 10 clam, and it has been YEARS since it landed on jackpot, and that is some outrageous algorithm I think even Las Vegas would envy. I really only tap it as it occasionally plops out three clams.
    While I have generally been perturbed with the event play area and the lack of proper space use (putting a character right in front of a building you have to tap when there are hundreds of other pixels to place things? Not even to mention when there are multiple characters one has to collect for), the new offshore event area is really annoyingly out of reach for standard play. Granted, there is a button that can take you there, but then you have to try to find the mainland again. Minor gripe.

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  21. I really like the Season Pass. Put it in Futurama already, I’ll pay £5 a month for that for sure in that game!

    I also like the changes to the questlines, as otherwise I run out of tasks. Nice for them to have something to do.


  22. Re season pass: this is the first time I’ve had it in my game. I spent the 600 clams for VIP knowing that I’d get a healthy portion of those clams back in rewards. It seems extremely easy to get the XP points (for reference, I’m already at 2922). The rewards like coins, Stewie bucks, and decorations seem pointless.

    Re the new character questlines: I don’t like that it’s now two events per part, especially since the events require high levels to complete. For Citrus Stewie, I’m focusing on collecting candy canes (and nets before that), so I haven’t leveled him up to be able to do either of the part 2 tasks.

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