Sweet Booty VIP Season Pass Main Prize

The main prize for this VIP Season Pass is Gummy Brian, another new and exclusive character.

You’ll find a list of all Season Pass exclusive characters here

4 responses to “Sweet Booty VIP Season Pass Main Prize

  1. There was no mention that we had to “buy” anything. It was offered as if we earned enough VIP points (3500) that we would get him when the Sweet Booty event ended.


    • Russian Tigger

      You have to buy the VIP pass to have a chance to get him – it’s 3500 XP you need to collect but you only get the main prize for that if you’ve paid for the VIP track, you could buy the VIP pass for clans or cash, if you don’t do that you only get the freemium prizes.


  2. so whats the end reward for people who dont use the vip path


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