Sweet Booty Phase 3 Overview

It’s time for another adventure as a new event has come to Quahog.

Event Page

Click here to be taken to the event page where you’ll find links to every event post.


28th April 2021 at 8AM PDT (5pm UTC)

You can see the countdown timer for the event and other details by clicking on the Event Info Icon at the bottom of your screen.


Please give your feedback on the previous event by clicking here!!!




Event is running on version 3.10.1 but the latest version is 4.0.2 and it’s glitched.


Season Pass fully released


Event buildings are sometimes locked for random players, only TinyCo can fix this so let them know through your game support.


Consuela’s Vacuum is glitched again if you updated to app version 4.0.2. Another update is coming to fix this tomorrow hopefully, look out for 4.0.4.

QHS Collect all delays, still waiting on fix.

Game crashing on older devices, and those with older/outdated software continues, it may be they can no longer handle the game. What I can tell you is if your device runs on 2gb of ram you may struggle with crashing, if it has less than 2gb ram it probably won’t run at all.


There’s 3 ways to do this, The first and best way is through your game main menu, select Help & Support and then tap ‘Contact Us’.

Go to their website and use the ‘Contact’ button: https://jamcity.helpshift.com/a/family-guy-the-quest-for-stuff/

However if neither of these are possible, then you can contact support via email. The email address to use is – support@jamcity.com

Main questline

The Seven Sweets


Candy Captain Seamus (Character): Costs 270  Clams. Drops Chocolate Coins, Nets, Axe, Candy Canes & Liquorice


Sweet Meg (Character):
17 Candy (Common): Get from Herbert, Candy Barrels
15 Honey (Always): Get from Candy Pirate Ship
15 Ribbon (Uncommon): Get from Dr Hartman, Candy Captain Seamus, Liquorice Anchor
27 Candy Tooth (Always): Get from attacking Evil Candy Seamus
35 Vodka (Uncommon): Get from clearing Green Jelly Bear 

You’ll earn 1 Quahog Historical Society Trophy for fully unlocking.


Candy Axe Statue – 199  Drops 1 Axe every 24hrs

***The  other buildings for this Week can be found in Shipwreck Point, you’ll find full details in that section***


The main event currency is Easter Eggs.

 Chocolate Coins (Always): Get from Consuela, Human Rupert, Carter, Stewie, Jerome, Mort, Quagmire, Cleveland, Mayor West, Peter, Connie, Lois, Marshmallow Chris, Citrus Stewie, Candy Pirate Peter, Brian, Bonnie,  Chris, Meg, Dr Hartman, Herbert, Tom, Tricia, Candy Captain Seamus, Swashbuckler Lois, Rambo Lois, Seamus, Completing Questline Parts, Gold Gold Pirate Chest, Silver Pirate Chest, Clearing Green Jelly Bear

 Candy Corn (Common) –  Get from Seamus, Candy Pirate Peter, Bonnie

 Vomit Bags (Common) –  Get from Rocky Boat Ride, Vomit Bag Statue


 Sugar Packet (Always) –  Get from clearing Ships In A Bottle in the Mini Game

 Axe (Uncommon) –  Get from Tricia, Candy Captain Seamus, Swashbuckler Lois, Rambo Lois, Candy Axe Statue

 Candy Cane (Common) –  Get from Brian, Carter, Citrus Lemon, Candy Captain Seamus, Candy Cane Tree

 Nets (Common) –  Get from Lois, Candy Pirate Peter, Citrus Lemon, Mashmallow Chris, Herbert, Tom, Candy Captain Seamus, Buy from Store

 Sugar (Common) –  Get from clearing Ships In A Bottle in the Mini Game


1 Sugar Packet – 10 

5 Sugar Packets – 45 

10 Sugar Packets – 85 


The event area is an island in the water area, and there are is 1  item in the usual event area you need to know about and these is:

Shipwreck Point

Pirate Pool

Sweet Meg to repair & unlock

Shipwreck point

Here is where you will spend the event currency you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock this week…

Candy Pirate Ship: Chance Drop of 2 Honey every 8hrs
Cost ~ 225 Chocolate Coins

Candy Barrels: Chance Drop of 1 Candy every 12hrs
Cost ~ 500 Chocolate Coins & 5 Candy Corn

Liquorice Anchor: Chance Drop of 2 Liquorice every 12hrs
Cost ~ 800 Chocolate Coins & 15 Candy Corn

Gummy Kraken: Chance Drop of 10 Chocokate Coins every 24hrs
Cost ~ 1000 Chocolate Coins & 15 Candy Corn

Pirate Pool

Here is where you can exchange any old Matchsticks you might have for Holiday Grenades.

This is the exchanges I’ve seen in my game so far:

8 Sugar = 3 Sugar Packets

Green jelly bear

These are the little baddies this week of the event and are now a little different to deal with, although it’s more of the tap, aim and fire we’ve seen in previous weeks, now you can target more with one Sugar Packet.

As usual will find they wander your sidewalks, you can find them by looking there or using the Squatter Button.

Now with these you can clear 4 with 1 Sugar Packet, so my advice is to put down just a small area of Sidewalk and they will gather in that one small area making it easy to clear 4. Once you have at least 1 Sugar Packet tap one and then place the target over them and fire.

I am seeing up to a maximum of 16 in my game.

The event rewards for clearing them is as follows:

For Each One Cleared:
10 Chocokate Coins  (Chance)
1 Vodka (Chance)

Evil Candy Captain Seamus

This Boss will trigger as soon as you start phase 3 of the event. This is your Main Boss this week. You will “Fight” it with Axes to defeat it to the highest level possible and obtain the most prizes.

You’ll see it wandering your sidewalks with a timer above its head.

Simply tap it and you’ll see the level requirement trade and rewards. Collect the Axes necessary for the battle then hit, eh, “Fight“.

Here is the general breakdown of cure costs and rewards.

1X – Requires 1
Rewards – 25 Chocolate Coins & 1

2X – Requires 3
Rewards – 35 Chocolate Coins & 2

3X – Requires 5
Rewards – 45 Chocolate Coins & 4

4X – Requires 7
Rewards – 55 Chocolate Coins & 8

5X – Requires 9
Rewards – 65 Chocolate Coins & 12

You have 24hrs to hit him to the  highest level you can before he will rest (cool down). His cool down is 2 hours.

Please note when he returns he will be back at 1x unless you’ve used clams to wake him at the level he went into cool down at.

Ship in a bottle hunt mini game

You’ll still need to play this to get Sugar Packets and complete the main Questline, so don’t forget about it.

In order to be able to participate you’ll need to collect a Net. .

It will turn green once you are on target.

The rewards you get will vary on how many  you destroy at a time.

For Each One Cleared:
1/2 Sugar Packets (Chance)

There you have the overall basics to get you started through this phase of the latest Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.


18 responses to “Sweet Booty Phase 3 Overview

  1. does anyone know for sure how many axes you need for the full sweep on fighting seamus?

    Its hard to work it out – and not having got there i dont know. Ive saved 12 so far and as we all know they are rare as anything with a long wait for a stop and only 2 characters (3 but one is duplicated.. why??)

    Ill have to take a punt tomorrow and use whatever I have but I wont get enough teeth for the unlock….

    So how many do we need? people are mentioning 25 but that seems a lot – normally its 1,2,3,4,5 = 15 for the sweep


    • Russian Tigger

      It’s 25, all you had to do to find out Was count up the attack levels in the overview post, that info is always in it


  2. Do you have any information on the Buried Sugar quest line, which I believe is the main quest line for Week Three?


  3. Oops! Someone just found out that they are colour blind.


  4. Candy Barrels with 12-hour collection of the “common” drop Candy so far has been collected 4 times, zero Candy. Yay.


  5. It doesn’t make much sense to have two Lois outfits with tasks that drop axes. You cannot use both at the same time obviously, which leaves you with only two free characters to collect axes. Did they intend to have three fremium characters that drop axes and is this a mistake?
    It’s gonna be hard, if not impossible, to collect 25 uncommon axes with only two characters.


  6. Getting axes for fight Seamus is looking like a big bottleneck, since only two characters drop axes, and it’s the dreaded uncommon-more-like-rare drop. They list three characters, but since Rambo Lois and Swashbuckler Lois are both costumes for Lois, it’s just one character. Since you essentially need to run the streak on Seamus to be able to get enough gold teeth to unlock Meg, you’ll need to get 25 axes. Unless they add another character to drop, or increase the drop rate, it could be end up being another Winter Meg situation where you can’t do it without spending clams.


  7. My family guy app version is 4.0.6


  8. Why do two different Lois costumes drop axes? Does one have a shorter time? There is no way to have Rambo Lois and Swashbuckler get axes at the same time right?


  9. Hooray! We can buy an animated building for our Quahog with spare event currency! Now if only this game could run on anything less than a Cray supercomputer with animated buildings out of inventory.

    True story, every time I mention any issue, the first thing I am told is to move any animated building/decoration into inventory. Of course then the developers drop 300 walking little green bears in…


  10. Please can the bears be made yellow, or other contrasting colour? It’s impossible to see the dark gray ones against the dark gray road when the screen auto minimises for the bombing game.


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