Sweet Booty Phase 3 – Where Are You Now

Hey there Addicts, it’s time to find out where how you’re getting on in the latest event to hit our games!Yes with the phase halfway over I thought it was time for the Where Are You Now post.

So  you best get busy telling us how you’re getting on with collecting materials and completing the Questline.

20 responses to “Sweet Booty Phase 3 – Where Are You Now

  1. Candy tooth 16/27


  2. Sweet Meg will be impossible to get for the same reason the other Meg-related outfit was hard to win this past winter. The drop for axes is too rare and every 6 hours takes too long to get the 25 needed to fully defeat Seamus to get the max candy teeth. I didn’t have enough early in the quest line to defeat him in the directed attack so I wasted an attack, he rebooted, and then I ran out of time.


  3. Got Sweet Meg early Tuesday evening when I finally got the last of 25 axes to run the full streak on Seamus to get all of the necessary teeth. Spent a couple of clams before going to bed occasionally to finish Lois’ and Tricia’s actions and that helped. I think it would have been nearly impossible to do without spending at least a few clams, unless you were very lucky with the ax drops. Now I can do Sweet Meg’s 10 hour lollipop task overnight to get past Part 6 of the questline.


  4. Looks like I’ll be short on Meg, axe drops were pitiful but at least I’ll get some medals out of it.
    Lol looks like everybody has checked out of this event, kinda quiet around here.


  5. Here’s what I have left to collect Meg:
    Candy: 10/17
    Licorice 10/15
    Candy Tooth 1/27

    This one was not fun. It was obvious from the start it would be tough to impossible to complete. I didn’t play as much the last week because of that.


  6. Still need 2 candies, 4 licorice and have only gotten 23 axes with 1.5 days to go.


  7. For having bought the season pass, one would think I would be struggling far less. I am on quest line 6, however, I am having to watch tons of ads the last couple of days to ensure I get the Meg character so that I can move on to part 7.


  8. Candy 11/17 Licorice 11/15 Candy tooth 10/27


  9. Just need candy teeth to unlock Meg. But with only getting a few axes I don’t think I will make it. 4/27.


  10. Just earned Sweet Meg this morning, working to complete the event


  11. No chance im going to finish this phase with everything unlocked.
    the item drops for Sweet Meg seem horrendous.
    It’s 1.30pm Monday UK time and I’ve been in Phase 3 since 8hrs after it dropped (would have been sooner but had to wait for Lois to complete her task). So I’ve had a good 4 1/2 days run at it collecting every 4hrs or so and my current item count for Sweet Meg is
    – 10/17 Candy
    – 14/15 Honey
    – 3/15 Licorice
    – 0/27 Gold Teeth
    – Vodka complete

    Axe drops are terrible – i’ve got 14 and need 25 for a full clear of Evil Seamus for all the required Gold Teeth. Took 4 days for me to collect 14 axes, no chance im going to double that in 2 and a bit days.
    I’ve only just got the Licorice building because drops for Candy Corn has been pants too so I’m hoping i can get a bit of luck with drops on that.


    • axe drops improved and 25mins before the event is scheduled to end i was only 2 short for a full run at seamus but i was still quite a way off unlocking Meg

      – 14/17 Candy
      – 7/15 Licorice
      – 15/27 Gold Teeth (Seamus battled to level 4/5)

      So even if i was able to get those final 2 axes before the event ended the lack of licorice still would have screwed me over!!


  12. I’m on part 5.

    Getting the candy corn is slow going. Not as slow as getting axes to fight Seamus. There’s a lot of hope I’ll get Meg unless I use clams.

    Needed extra characters getting supplies.


  13. On part 6 but Sweet Meg seems tough on the candy teeth. Have 8 but don’t see enough time to get 27


  14. As of Sunday evening EDT, I have all the requirements for Meg minus the candy teeth. I am 5 axes short to make the full attack on Evil Candy Seamus. Looks like I’ll get the character on time but not sure if I’ll be able to finish the main questline. How long does Sweet Meg’s task in Part 6 take? I’m still on Part 4 since I didn’t want to waste an axe to attack Evil Candy Seamus one time.


  15. Just a warning this game just took 7 purchases off my card without permission i have been playing this game and its never happened before..now i have to eat the money and change my credit card over it..buyer beware!!


  16. On part 6, as I’ve yet to unlock Sweet Meg.
    I need 3 Candy and 17 Candy Teeth. I currently only have 5 axes, so I doubt I’ll get to unlock her. I’m going to keep collecting through Tuesday night and then just use what I have to fight Seamus. Depending on the cost, I might just use clams to unlock her after that.

    So nice of TinyCo to offer Elephant for buying Licorice. But it’s axes that’s the real problem! I roll my eyes at them.


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