Game News – Extra Medals For Go For Gold

Hi fellow addicts

Some players but not all will see a way to get extra medals for a limited time. Below is what I see in my main game, but you might see different or you may see nothing as it’s in testing at this time.



9 responses to “Game News – Extra Medals For Go For Gold

  1. The big thing that bothers me about this is that I can’t figure out a way to check to see if I even have those characters. Also, the more characters you unlock the higher the cost in medals to unlock the next one is. It’s getting to the point where it will take me a couple weeks of sending all my characters to get gold to earn the next one 😦


  2. Not in my game yet


  3. I confirm that I cannot see it


  4. wax monster x

    Just like the speed up function I’ve never gotten. Even here there’s discrimination.


  5. So for the character you pay clams to get, to perform tasks to get other items to get other characters, for the next 5 days that character will produce 5x medals when sent to Go for the Gold. Sounds like someone is writing this weekends “What the Deuce?!?” entry for me…

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  6. Mine looks exactly the same.


  7. I have it in my game but you can’t verify that they’ve actually dropped more since you can’t select individual characters.

    In order to verify it’ll require doing the math of # of medals before characters are released versus number of medals after they’re released minus # of characters. Unless someone has a better way.

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