Current Game Issues

Hi fellow addicts

Few issues at the moment:

  • Amazon players stuck in an update loop
  • IOS players experiencing game crashing


17 responses to “Current Game Issues

  1. Amazon fire still in update loop. Amazon generally will not allow update till they test it & from what I see here Tiny Co still has issues so I guess I’ m sitting this out .


  2. On IPad. Forgot to put in first comment.


  3. Run the vacuum, collect from phase 2 buildings, then try to collect from characters for phase 2 and crashes.


  4. My better half and me both play on an Ipad and we are getting huge issues with it crashing. It has become so bad that we do not enjoy the game anymore. We tried clearing out our town but not working. Hope they can fix the issue soon.


  5. Running on an iPad Pro. After installing ios 15 beta the game no longer gives any new tasks. It runs, but all of the quests are basically hidden from me.


  6. I’m using Android, and I am also experiencing frequent crashing on 2 different devices.


  7. my game also keeps crashing and im android. cant get it to be open long enough to send a support message


  8. I’m on Android and it started randomly crashing once Phase 2 started, especially when sending / releasing characters from the Museum.


  9. I have a Android / Galaxy S8+. Ever since Phase 2 started, the game will start to slow down and eventually crashes. I have made sure that no other apps are actively running, but it still crashes.


  10. No problems 😀


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