Quahog Games Phase 3 is here….. and it’s the final week!!!

It’s time to see what’s going on down in Quahog with the latest content to hit our games.

3 responses to “Quahog Games Phase 3 is here….. and it’s the final week!!!

  1. Once again, another week where two costumes of the same person (Lois in this case) are used for the same drop (gold teeth). So instead of having 3 characters dropping, you only really have a max of 2. I don’t understand why they do this. I’d understand if there were two old costumes, and someone might only have one of the two, but one of the 2 is Volleyball Lois, and you wouldn’t be in this phase if you hadn’t gotten her last week.


  2. First.. thanks RT I know you’re having issues with the crashing as a lot of us are. I appreciate your efforts.

    Second.. from what I can manage to get is that we need to exchange parking tickets for bombs to now kill The referees.. but they’ve taken away the game to get more parking tickets to trade. It’s gonna be damn near impossible unless we stock piled which I didn’t anticipating that the game might have other drops for this round. Perfect. Might as well take a week off


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