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Steampunk Event Links

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Full steam ahead phase 3 

Overview Post
Main Questline – Steampunk In Your Trunk
Side Questline – Top Hat Peter
Side  Questline – Steampunk Lois
Where Are You Now
Event Feedback

Full steam ahead phase 2

Overview Post
Main Questline – Steam Spirited
Side Questline – Glider Joe
Side  Questline – Pilot Consuela
Where Are You Now
Tips For Phase 3

Full steam ahead phase 1

Overview Post
Main Questline – I Have Steam
Side Questline – Engineer Stewie
Side  Questline – Gunsmith Chris
Side Questline – Mad Scientist Herbert
Side Questline – Evil Flying Monkey
Side Questline – Construct Brian
FaceSpace Sets
Where Are You Now
Tips For Phase 2