Event News – Herbert & Tom Tucker now drops Laser Pointers

Hi fellow addicts

Just incase you miss it, wanted make you aware of the new Laser Pointer drops for Herbert & Tom Tucker.  Be aware you may need to be in Phase 2 to see these.

5 responses to “Event News – Herbert & Tom Tucker now drops Laser Pointers

  1. Agree with the other comments. Don’t really need more laser pointers. Already sitting on 60+ for next week. Diamonds are the holdup this week for getting Executive Lois.


  2. Wish they gave us someone extra to drop diamonds. Doesn’t feel like it’s dropping like a common even with two characters. Was hoping one of the characters from the season pass helped, but no luck.


  3. Forget laser pointers, diamond drops are awful. 6 of 25 so far, only two characters at 8 hour intervals and not a common drop….so, this one will be near impossible to get all 25 by the time the next event starts.


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