FaceSpace Sets – Monster Family

Hi Clammers!

FaceSpace made a welcome return to our games a while back, and  I’m pleased to say there are some new clam sets in this event. So I just wanted remind you about these as they can be a nice source of bonus clams. If you want to know what’s coming and what you’ll get, then continue reading.

***Warning Spoilers Ahead***

Monster Family Collection #1

Set Contains: Blob Fish Meg, Multi Eyed Brian, Stereo Head Peter, Assembled Joe
Completion Reward: 25 Clams

Monster Family Collection #2

Set Contains: Slime Chris, Countess Lois, Creepy Bonnie, Slendermire, Stupert 
Reward: 50 Clams

What do you think of FaceSpace?  Are you having fun collecting characters? What do you think of the Sets, and are there any others you’d like to see? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, as you know we love hearing from you.


One response to “FaceSpace Sets – Monster Family

  1. Is Countess Lois a parody of Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil 8?


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