Event News – Questline Triggering Issues Update

Hi fellow addicts

I know many of you are completely stuck as you can’t trigger Questline parts, I’m still trying get a fix estimate from support, but from what I can see this seems to be impacting players who have installed IOS 15 on IPads. if you are stuck can you confirm your IOS version in the comments please.

Could you also let me know if you have the Time Travel feature.


65 responses to “Event News – Questline Triggering Issues Update

  1. Can’t continue the game anymore… iPad v 15…


  2. iPad OS15.1, had the Time Travel beta, nothing now


  3. I opened the game on my iPhone and it is now working with Phase 2 on the ipad.


  4. Hi,still no fix ,iPad 15.0.2 installed.


  5. Yep on iPad Mini 5 running iPadOS 15.q


  6. IOS 15.1 on iPad, Have time travel. Button to automatically send toons on the Quest for Gold action for the historical society also never stops spinning.


  7. Yup, iOS 15. I have a workaround. Open the app in Android on my other device and the questline triggers and then I can play the next round of the questline until complete in iOS. Not optimal, and useless if you don’t have another device, but it works for me…


    • Everyone should have access to a PC (Windows or Mac) though. Anyone can install BlueStacks – an Android emulator – and install Family Guy on that. I’ve been playing that way for 5 years. I also have it on my phone, but rarely play the game on that.


  8. IOS 15.1. No time travel


  9. IPadOS 15 on an iPad Air 4


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