Event News – Questline Triggering Issues Latest Update

Hi fellow addicts

*Anyone impacted please update to version 4.8.5*

I‘d like thank everyone who’s posted comments with their device details as requested on my last post about this matter. It has confirmed that the issue does seem be impacting players using IOS 15.

Im afraid I’ve no time frame for a fix, support have told me they are trying to get to the bottom of the problem but it’s not proving a simple fix.

As it stands the only workaround is if you have access to another device, such as a phone or other tablet that, then load your saved game on that and use it to trigger the Questline parts.

Sorry it’s not better news.


6 responses to “Event News – Questline Triggering Issues Latest Update

  1. Aleksandar Vezenkov

    I bought VIP Season Pass, the transaction isn’t pending anymore, but the rewards are still locked for me. Does any one have such issue and how should I address it?


  2. Suddenly this morning (Monday the 8th), I came into the game and Brian’s tasks and Week 2 tasks were triggered as normal on my iPad. Hazzah.


  3. Fixed on my iPad with the latest update. Thank you for all your help.


  4. new update has fixed the problem. my quests are back!


  5. Support let me know that version 4.8.5 of the iOS app was released to fix this problem and I can confirm it fixed the issue on my iPad.


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