Event News – Questline Triggering Issues Did The New Update Fix It For You?

Hi fellow addicts

I’m hoping the IOS update released over the weekend let you play again – please let me know in the comments.

13 responses to “Event News – Questline Triggering Issues Did The New Update Fix It For You?

  1. Haven’t been able to play the game in two days. Does nothing but crash every time I try to open. Very frustrating.


  2. Yes, resolved.


  3. yes, and support gave me 50 clams to assist with my progress (not that it will help much as they’re not extending the event).


  4. Working again before 15.1.1 update last Thursday


  5. Yeah, the update fixed everything except for 1 thing. I earned a character through QHS but the quest line didn’t start. I contacted help and they activated the tasks but it would only do the 1st task over and over. The character always had the ! over their head. I couldn’t select a task because it would just show the same cut-scene over and over. I contacted help again and they fixed that issue by skipping to task 2.

    In the same message they said that, when they looked into my account, they saw signs of cheating or game modification! Lol. I can only assume it’s all down to the Star Trek buildings dropping things they shouldn’t have a while back. I hadn’t cheated in this game for over 6 years when a load of us were given a warning.


    • The older cheating is probably what they saw, those who cheated were very lucky to get that amnesty and to get ongoing support help.


  6. I still have not got phase 3 yet this stinks so bad i dont think i will get Ruperd and Stewie together


  7. Issue is fixed for me.


  8. It did update on its own,like about 4 days late though.


  9. Fixed the issue. ipad OS 15.1 on 6th gen ipad.


  10. Yes, the issue is resolved for me.


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