Time Travel Madness – Just a heads up that the feature is being tested in some players games…

The feature is live in a few players games as Jam City do further testing. But don’t worry if you’re not one of the players that has it in their game as all players will see the function very soon.

If you’re part of the testing you’ll see the Icon below. Tap it to see the feature. I’m just seeing it myself and I’ll be doing a post as soon as I can.
However be aware players who don’t have the feature are getting a pop up to buy Uranium, please hold off as you can’t use it at this time.


24 responses to “Time Travel Madness – Just a heads up that the feature is being tested in some players games…

  1. I have played for about a day and hit a time paradox. They need to get rid of it or I will not be playing. Too much time goes to earn uranium and then do the time jumps. Especially if I get coins which I do not need. I will not spend clams.

    Also, do we get the awards we win after the end of the time period being offered?


  2. One thing I’ve noticed about the Time Machine this time around is that the drop rates are abysmal. I think they ramped up the failure rate this time around to test clam spending. I’ve only gotten at most two rewards before I hit a time paradox. No, I am not spending 50 clams to keep my x25 coins and x100 XP. I hope they’ll be able to find a happy medium with this new feature, but my guess is that it’s just another sad cash grab.


  3. tl;dr: The Time Machine Madness feature isn’t ready for prime time.

    I’ve got the Time Machine Madness “feature,” and am not at all enthused. The longest string of time jumps I’ve been able to accomplish before it failed was six (but in most instances, I only get 2-4 jumps before a failed trip), and they want 50 clams to keep going, but the “rewards” amassed by that point are no where near the value of 50 clams (given the ability to accumulate those same items through regular game play, they weren’t worth even 1 clam). It appears that the characters and skins available at higher jump-strings are available through the Quahog Historical Society, so even those aren’t enticement enough to use clams to keep the jumps going.

    As others have already commented, this is a pretty shameless attempt to separate players from their clams.

    What would they need to do to “fix” it so that I would consider continuing to use the feature? First, they would need to change the frequency of failing a jump to be much lower that it appears to be (at least for the levels below 30 jumps). Second, the number of clams needed to continue jumping should be commensurate with the rewards amassed AND at the jumps below 30 strings, rather than pay clams, consider some other action (like watching videos) to allow the player to continue jumping OR include some insurance to the player that if they pay the clams (commensurate with the value of the rewards they’ve amassed) they will reach the next guaranteed reward point (every 10 successful time jumps). Third, for the rewards that are grayed-out (because you already have them), swap in clams (5-20, depending on the jump level you’ve reached) as a reward, or another character that isn’t available in the QHS. Fourth, offer the option to pay the number of uranium chunks needed to get to the next guaranteed reward (10 to get from 0 to 10 jumps, 20 to get from 11 to 20 jumps, 30 to get from 21 to 30 jumps, etc.). For this fourth suggestion, if the goal is to separate clams from the players, have an option to buy uranium with clams (if $5=130 clams, and the current uranium sale is $5=20 uranium, then can ~130 clams=20 uranium?). Finally, make the end reward more than 200 clams vs. Lil Joe. “C’mon, man” even Squid Games had a better pay off than this.

    If you pass any of these suggestions off to Jam City, great (and thank you). In any case, I’m hoping they fix this feature so it doean’t end up like Tan Lines; worthless (amassing Stewie Bucks that can be spent on nothing in the store, and as far as I know, can’t be converted to anything of value, like clams); or the Multiverse Portal; just another building collecting rent that gets added to the tens of millions of coins that you don’t buy anything with.


  4. This is one of the biggest wastes of time ever. Multiple times over the weekend I was able to get four successful trips only to have a time paradox on the fifth try. Zero chance I am spending clams to keep what I had which was never more than coins (I have $140M), Level Up (I have been MAX for years) and chewing gum (I finished the event on Saturday with little effort). I am all for the addition of new game elements (I have been playing since the first week), but I don’t see the methodology of this one. Maybe if the prizes would be of some value I might have taken those before crapping out but I don’t see any way possible to climb the ladder with the success rate experienced so far without a major clam investment which I would never risk..


  5. I have it the feature too but doesn’t seem to any more likely to win a good prize than spinning the prize wheel. At least with the prize wheel I occasionally win 3 clams but seems like time paradoxes will occur before you can get anything of value through the time machine.


  6. I can’t get more than three prizes before it says there it requires me to spend 50 clams to retain those prizes.


  7. So from what I’ve been able to understand about this:
    The cost of travel is 1 uranium (Mort and Jerome have 8 hr tasks that drop 1). I’m not sure if there are other characters.

    Spend 1 Uranium and pick a portal. It will take you to an automatic 2 hr task (which you can Fast Forward by using an Ad – I don’t seem to have this option any more).

    Once this task is completed it will give you a reward (and up your counter). There are reward levels:
    Jumps: 0-4, 5-9, 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-50.
    There are “Guaranteed Rewards” I’m guessing at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50.

    For each successful portal jump the (lets call it jump counter), the jump counter goes up. If you collect your reward the counter resets to 0 and you get all the rewards.

    If you hit a “Paradox,” you lose all the accumulated rewards (unless it was “Guaranteed”).

    As this is still new, I’m not sure what happens if you hit a “Guaranteed Reward” level and then hit a paradox before the next level. I don’t know if you start at 0 or if you start at that level again.

    There is also a 6 hour timer which seems to reset after every portal jump


    • The guarantee reward means you can’t hit a paradox at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, it doesn’t bank the prizes or restore you to that level I’m afraid, whether you take prizes, hit paradox you go back to 0


  8. Looks like the storyline progression issue is back again too for iPadOS. I can successfully trigger them on my iPhone then return to my iPad. I do have the time travel feature.


  9. I think this feature is stupid. It serves no purpose other than to have you spend clams to keep going to actually achieve any rewards of note.


  10. I have it. But I don’t get it. You go through a portal and then have to watch a video? What’s the point?


  11. Any idea who can award Uranium, if you are in the Time Travel Madness? I have found that Mort and Joe can provide them in combo actions.


  12. Anyone else on here have this feature? I had it in the last one week event also and I still can’t figure out if there’s any actual strategy involved or if it’s just gonna be blind dumb luck being able to get that grand prize. Too many “time paradoxes”, and it costs 50 clams to overcome those…which smells of a cash grab to me. Also the “guaranteed rewards” tiers don’t work…I actually managed to get 30 in a row last time and when the paradox hit I got exactly nothing.

    If this feature is to be anything other than a cash grab, then it seems very poorly thought out and implemented.


    • I’m just testing it but looks like luck so far – but still working on it


      • Support said that of the 4 portals there is always 1 with a time paradox. I’ve had a time paradox 8 out of the last 10 times. So to me this feature is completely worthless.


    • I got a Time Paradox the first 2 times I tried the feature.


    • The guaranteed works, but as it states on the information screen itself … “Beware of time paradoxes! If you meet one, the run will end and you’ll lose your rewards!”

      Each time you time travel, you take the risk of betting your current rewards for more/better or hitting a paradox and losing everything.

      And yes, it’s definitely a way for them to get more money, reminds me of the season pass.


    • So far, literally every other attempt throws a Time Paradox, so I haven’t be able to get past a single item. Not fun, entertaining or helpful.


  13. So I am able to “test” this event too…
    So I have a couple issues…

    So you have ads that will make the progress progress (I think). I did that go rewards but apparently I ran into a paradox – so I didn’t get a reward. (I was able to do this twice).

    Then I tried again (b/c my “gem” didn’t get use). Then I got a reward and it wouldn’t let me collect.

    After the 2 hour wait period, i tried to collect but it gave me a paradox.
    So I lost out on items.

    I tried again (was able to use a gem). And it gave me no rewards at all.

    And apparently you are supposed to be able to get prizes based on the # of jumps but I don’t think the counter is accruing as I’m still at 0 total (I think).

    They don’t have any directions even for testers…


  14. I was one of the players selected to try time machine madness. Honestly I was waiting for your post before I tried it out!
    I also have the questline to earn lil’ Peter and placed the marble but he is not there. I already had all my characters on 8 hour medal tasks and could not seem to find him in the “facebook” tab within the game to see if I already had him.


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