Time Travel Madness – Just a heads up that the feature is being tested in some players games…

The feature is live in a few players games as Jam City do further testing. But don’t worry if you’re not one of the players that has it in their game as all players will see the function very soon.

If you’re part of the testing you’ll see the Icon below. Tap it to see the feature. I’m just seeing it myself and I’ll be doing a post as soon as I can.
However be aware players who don’t have the feature are getting a pop up to buy Uranium, please hold off as you can’t use it at this time.

10 responses to “Time Travel Madness – Just a heads up that the feature is being tested in some players games…

  1. Looks like the storyline progression issue is back again too for iPadOS. I can successfully trigger them on my iPhone then return to my iPad. I do have the time travel feature.


  2. I think this feature is stupid. It serves no purpose other than to have you spend clams to keep going to actually achieve any rewards of note.


  3. I have it. But I don’t get it. You go through a portal and then have to watch a video? What’s the point?


  4. Any idea who can award Uranium, if you are in the Time Travel Madness? I have found that Mort and Joe can provide them in combo actions.


  5. Anyone else on here have this feature? I had it in the last one week event also and I still can’t figure out if there’s any actual strategy involved or if it’s just gonna be blind dumb luck being able to get that grand prize. Too many “time paradoxes”, and it costs 50 clams to overcome those…which smells of a cash grab to me. Also the “guaranteed rewards” tiers don’t work…I actually managed to get 30 in a row last time and when the paradox hit I got exactly nothing.

    If this feature is to be anything other than a cash grab, then it seems very poorly thought out and implemented.


    • I’m just testing it but looks like luck so far – but still working on it


    • The guaranteed works, but as it states on the information screen itself … “Beware of time paradoxes! If you meet one, the run will end and you’ll lose your rewards!”

      Each time you time travel, you take the risk of betting your current rewards for more/better or hitting a paradox and losing everything.

      And yes, it’s definitely a way for them to get more money, reminds me of the season pass.


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