Event News – Questline Triggering Issues – App Version 8.4.6

Hi fellow addicts

It looks like the IOS game update 8.4.6 has brought this problem back for those playing on IOS15 devices. If  you’re impacted let me know in the comments of this post please.

21 responses to “Event News – Questline Triggering Issues – App Version 8.4.6

  1. I had the earlier iPad problem but not this time. Running the latest game version and iPad OS. Will finish the event this evening. Also my Time Machine is functional.


  2. My game just keeps crashing loads for half a second and crashes literally cant do anything ever since i completed the time machine thing and got the hedgehog stewies and went to collect the prize my game hasn’t loaded


  3. Mine crashes and says crash logs I’m not sure what’s going on. ios15


  4. Working fine on my iPad with 15.1.


  5. I haven’t been able to play for two days. The game doesn’t get past the the loading screen. I imagine the new update is the cause of this. Guess I won’t be finishing this event.


  6. Just keeps crashing for me.


  7. Quests reappeared this morning for me, so I only lost 1 day of gaming.


  8. I e been having the problem for the past 2 days.


  9. It happened to me also earlier today. In addition to Questlines not starting/progressing, I also got the ring of circles around buildings when tapped, and the drops that hang out for a minute on a payout were larger size than normal. Both of those things were also present when the issue happened almost two weeks ago. In fact, those were the first things I saw after upgrading to 4.8.6, and sure enough, when I later got to a questline transition, it didn’t trigger. I reported it.

    After a few hours, it seems to have healed itself without any further action on my part. Again, the first things noticeable were the rings around the buildings going away, and the drop size going back to normal. Just got to a questline transition, and it started normally on my ipad.

    I still think this has something to do with them testing that Time Machine thing, which I don’t have active yet, but I do have the building.


  10. I have the triggering issue on my iPad running iPadOS 15.1. I do not have the issue on an iPhone running iOS 15.1. I am using a different user ID on the phone.


  11. I’m impacted. 15.2. Updated and it loads and crashes.


  12. Yep same issue as before works ok on iPhone but not on iPad.


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